Coral Casino Plans Appealed

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   April 25, 2023

Shortly before press time last week, we got word that Coral Casino owner Ty Warner’s attempts to amend the club’s development plan were appealed. The appeal was filed by a longtime member of the Coral Casino, who wrote in her appeal that she is interested in “fair treatment of current laws on the books.” 

The appellant writes that the amendments to the Biltmore and Coral Casino’s 2005 Development Plan, which include reducing the number of hotel rooms at the Biltmore Hotel from a maximum of 229 to 192, as well as allowing limited public use – 265 members of the public per day – of the existing second floor restaurant at the Coral Casino (Tydes), eliminating use of the Coral Casino by Biltmore hotel guests and their guests, reducing the number of allotted monthly memberships to reciprocal clubs, and eliminating the seasonal membership allowance for Biltmore guests, were not properly presented, understood, or discussed when they were put before – and ultimately approved by – the Montecito Planning Commission earlier this month. “Needs more detailed review of this issue for full impact on longtime and more recent members, neighborhood, and impact on our community,” the appellant writes. “Facts were not addressed adequately and opposition had no time to defend their position,” she went on. 

Warner’s reps told the MPC that the amendments will benefit the members of the Coral Casino once the private club reopens, telling Commissioners that many members are happy that the club will not be open to Biltmore patrons and their guests. Allowing members of the public to dine at Tydes will also ensure that the restaurant will be of the highest caliber, with award-winning service and food. “We think we are making it a better club for members,” Warner rep Bill Medel said. 

Other improvements currently taking place at the Coral Casino for an impending reopening later this year include expansion of Fins, the Club’s take-out juice bar, relocation and enlargement of the children’s pool, relocation of the spa and an added plunge pool, addition of a new member’s rooftop lounge, and upgrading of the private dining room. 

The Montecito Planning Commission voted 2-1 to approve the amendments, with Commissioners Bob Kupiec and Marshall Miller in support and Commissioner Sandy Stahl, who took issue with the lack of input from Coral Casino members, in opposition. The appeal of the approval of the amendments will be heard by the Board of Supervisors at a later date. 

The Coral Casino is located at 1281 Channel Drive in Montecito.


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