Find & Fix a Leak Initiative

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   August 23, 2022
More than 800 leaks were detected by Montecito Water District during a recent initiative

Recognizing that leaks can be a major water-waster, the Montecito Water District recently checked every customer’s meter for the faucet icon that indicates a potential leak on the property. More than 800 faucet icons were identified and the District has mailed notices to these customers so that they are aware of their potential water waste. The District is asking all customers to do everything they can to monitor for leaks, and to make any needed repairs right away.

Customers frequently ask about the status of the “smart meter” program. The District has installed new meters, but the “smart” part that will provide real-time data has been delayed due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips. When fully functional, the new meters will provide benefits such as: leak alerts when out-of-the ordinary use is detected, and customer access to their usage data. In the meantime, the District continues to read meters manually and encourages customers to do the same. Weekly meter checks are a great way for customers to track usage and can help with early leak detection. More info:

Montecito Water District has done extensive water supply planning to ensure that water supply will be adequate. As the drought stretches on, the need for efficient water use grows. The District is very focused on increasing water conservation efforts and helping customers achieve the goal of reducing use by 20%. Customers can schedule a free visit with their Water Conservation Coordinator that is on-site, in English or Spanish, and tailored to the needs of each property. Additional resources and information on current water regulations can be found at


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