Key Santa Barbara County Contacts: A One-Stop Shop for Key Contacts within Santa Barbara County

By Montecito Journal   |   August 9, 2022
The Santa Barbara County Courthouse (Courtesy of Santa Barbara County)

New to the area? Experiencing an ongoing issue at your home or in your neighborhood?

There are people for that. The County of Santa Barbara has more than 4,000 employees that can help with everything from behavioral wellness to tax collection to County Fire and Sheriff’s operations. But knowing who to call for what can be a maze for many, so the Montecito Journal and County of Santa Barbara put together an exhaustive list of key contacts, as well as descriptions of what each of the County’s departments does and what questions they might be able to address.

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Each of the following sections contains specific websites, emails, and phone numbers for each County department, as well as a description of what that specific department is responsible for:


The department’s mission is to protect agriculture, natural resources, and the quality of life in Santa Barbara County. 

The Agricultural Commissioner’s Office enforces laws and regulations in our agricultural Weights & Measures programs. Pesticide Use Enforcement and Pest Prevention are the main components of the Agriculture budget program. These programs are designed to ensure the safe and legal use of pesticides and to prevent the introduction of harmful exotic pests. The Department also issues over 5,000 Phytosanitary certificates a year that enable local agricultural products to enter the global marketplace. 

The Weights & Measures budget program protects businesses and consumers by ensuring fairness in the marketplace. Inspectors check the accuracy of over 7,000 commercial devices in the County each year and check over 725 stores with point-of-sale (scanner) systems for pricing accuracy. 

The Department also provides education and outreach to farmers, farm workers, businesses, and the public on regulatory compliance, integrated pest management, reduced risk pesticide use, and pests of concern.

Contacts, by city:

1180 Eugenia Pl. Suite 206
Carpinteria, CA 93013 
Phone: (805) 681-5600, Fax: (805) 681-5603

185 W. Hwy 246, Suite 101 
Buellton, CA 93427
Phone: (805) 688-5331, Fax: (805) 688-5334

Santa Barbara 
263 Camino del Remedio, Santa Barbara 93110 
Phone: (805) 681-5600, Fax: (805) 681-5603 

Santa Maria 
624 West Foster Road Suite E, Santa Maria 93455 
Phone: (805) 934-6200, Fax: (805) 934-6202


Its goal is ensuring the financial integrity of the County of Santa Barbara by providing superior financial services, maintaining the public trust, and promoting governmental efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. 

The Department is the leading financial information resource of the County and its long-term vision includes a well-run and financially sound County, an informed public, and a model County department with a knowledgeable and effective staff, governed by the overriding principles of fiscal integrity, objectivity, customer service, and continuous improvement. 

Santa Barbara
105 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara 93101
Phone: (805) 568-2100, Fax: (805) 568-2016

Santa Maria 
511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria 93454 
Phone: (805) 346-8364, Fax: (805) 346-8278


Promote the prevention of and recovery from addiction and mental illness among individuals, families, and communities by providing effective leadership and delivering state-of-the-art, culturally competent services.

To obtain services, call the 24-Hour Toll-Free Access Line at (888) 868-1649. Access for hearing impaired individuals is available through the 711 Telecommunications Relay Service. 

For a list of locations and services in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, and Santa Maria, go to or contact the administration office listed on the next page: 

315 Camino del Remedio, Santa Barbara 93110
Phone: (805) 681-5220, Fax: (805) 681-5262


Board’s mission is to provide quality public services to the people of Santa Barbara County in response to their need for a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment; and to establish and maintain a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community.

A five-member Board of Supervisors governs County services for a population of approximately 455,000 residents. Each board member is elected for a four-year term and represents a geographic district. The position of Chairperson is elected annually among the five members. The Board generally convenes in regular session on three Tuesdays each month. Two of these meetings are held in Santa Barbara and one in Santa Maria. The Board sets policy for County departments, oversees a budget of over $1.1 billion, and adopts ordinances on local matters, as well as land use policies that affect unincorporated areas. 

Information and Referral 
105 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara 93101
Phone: (805) 568-2190 

First District 
Das Williams, Supervisor 
Phone: (805) 568-2186

Second District 
Gregg Hart, Supervisor
Phone: (805) 568-2191

Third District 
Joan Hartmann, Supervisor
Phone: (805) 568-2192 

Fourth District 
Bob Nelson, Supervisor 
511 E. Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria, CA 93455 (Betteravia Government Center)
Phone: (805) 346-8407, Fax: (805) 346-8498

Fifth District 
Steve Lavagnino, Supervisor 
511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria 93454 (Betteravia Government Center)
Phone: (805) 346-8400, Fax: (805) 346-8404 


Serves children and families by establishing parentage and enforcing support orders in a fair and equitable manner. Child Support services are available to all families, regardless of income or immigration status.

Santa Barbara 
260 N San Antonio Rd, Suite C, Santa Barbara 93110 
Phone: (805) 568-2451

Santa Maria 
201 South Miller, Suite 206, Santa Maria 93454 
Phone: (805) 346-1409 and (805) 346-1408

Client Customer Service: (866) 901-3212
Call Center hours: 8-5 Mon-Fri



What does this department do and what issues/questions can they answer?

Honors the public’s trust by assuring honest and open elections; recording, maintaining, and preserving property and vital records; and setting fair and impartial values for tax purposes. The Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Department has three direct service budget programs: Assessor, Clerk-Recorder, and Elections with offices in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

Clerk-Recorder Office: (805) 568-2250
Assessor’s Office: (805) 568-2550
Elections Office: (805) 568-2200

Submit written inquiry at


(Parks, Housing, Arts, Library, Sustainability)

Provides community, cultural, recreational, and environmental resources that sustain and enhance quality of life for all who live, work, and play in Santa Barbara County through the divisions of Parks, Library Services, Office of Arts and Culture, Housing and Community Development, andSustainability. 

123 East Anapamu Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Parks Division:
(805) 568-2460

Housing and Community Development: 
(805) 568-3520

Office of Arts and Culture: 
(805) 568-3990

Library Services: 
(805) 568-2467

(805) 568-3506


County Counsel defends or prosecutes all civil litigation in which the County, or its officers or employees in their official capacities, are parties. This regularly includes: Federal civil rights and State tort cases; child protection “dependency” actions; property tax assessment appeals; land use actions; statutory financial cases, by or against the Auditor-Controller or Treasurer; defense against State audits; mental health commitments and conservatorships; cases involving contracts; employment cases; and motions and writs for the Sheriff’s Office. 

105 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara 93101
Phone: (805) 568-2950, Fax: (805) 568-2982


County Executive Office is responsible for implementing the policy directives of the Board of Supervisors as well as achieving the County’s overall mission, goals, and objectives. The County Executive Office works with all departments to create a County government that embodies trust, ethics, accountability, professionalism, innovation, and customer focused quality public service while following the policy direction of the Board. The County Executive Office is comprised of three budget programs:

County Management consists of the Executive Management, Budget & Research, Clerk of the Board, Legislative Advocacy, and Public Information. This program provides leadership, strategic planning, and oversight to the County and implements the Board of Supervisors’ policy directives.

Emergency Management provides leadership, coordination, facilities, equipment, and training in preparing for and administering disaster response and recovery throughout the County.

Risk Management mitigates the County’s risk of financial losses in the areas of medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and general liability. 

105 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara 93101
Phone: (805) 568-3400, Fax: (805) 568-3414

Clerk of the Board: 
105 E. Anapamu Street, Room 407, Santa Barbara CA, 93101
Phone: (805) 568-2240, fax: (805) 568-2249

Office of Emergency Management: 
4408 Cathedral Oaks Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110 
Phone: (805) 681-5526

Public Information:

Subscribe to County E-News here:

County Social Media (“countyofsb”):;;; 
CSBTV Channel 20 Website:
CSBTV20 YouTube: 

Risk Management:
105 East Anapamu St, Room 102, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 
Phone: (805) 884-6860, Fax: (805) 884-6861 


Pursues truth and justice by employing the highest ethical standards in vigorously prosecuting the guilty, protecting the innocent, and preventing crime.

The District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of adult and juvenile offenders for felony and misdemeanor crimes or civil violations countywide. The District Attorney team consists of deputy district attorneys, criminal investigators, victim advocates, legal support staff, and administrative and information technology staff housed in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc. 

Santa Barbara 
1112 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara 93101 
Phone: (805) 568-2300, Fax: (805) 568-2398 

115 Civic Center Plaza, Lompoc 93436 
Phone: (805) 737-7760, Fax: (805) 737-7732 

Santa Maria
312 East Cook, Suite D., Santa Maria 93454 
Phone: (805) 346-7540, Fax: (805) 346-7588 


Safeguards the community from the impacts of fires, medical emergencies, environmental emergencies, and natural disasters through leadership, planning, education, prevention, code enforcement, and all-hazard emergency response. County Fire responds from 16 fire stations to all types of emergencies, including fire, medical, rescue, and hazardous materials incidents. 

Fire Department Headquarters
4410 Cathedral Oaks Road, Santa Barbara CA 93110
Phone: (805) 681-5500, Fax: (805) 681-5563
Email: for incident report 
Email: for investigation report
Email: for safety inspection


Helps all children prepare for kindergarten by supporting families to be healthy and strong and by enhancing the availability of high-quality childcare and preschool. First 5 Santa Barbara County was established in 1999 with the passage of Proposition 10, which imposed a sales tax on tobacco products and designated those funds for programs and services that support the healthy and successful development of children prenatal through age five.

Santa Barbara:
5285 Hollister Ave., Bldg. 10, Suite 110, Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Phone: (805) 884-8085

Santa Maria:
218 West Carmen Lane, Suite 111, Santa Maria, CA 93458
Phone: (805) 803-8740


Provides vital, cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative services to ensure that the County accomplishes its goals and objectives for the public good. General Services delivers an array of support services to the other County departments including fiscal and administrative support; full-service planning, design, and construction management of new County facilities; real estate services; fleet operations to meet the transportation needs of County departments by procuring, maintaining and disposing of all light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment; information and communications technology; and purchasing. 

260 N San Antonio Road, Santa Barbara 93110
Phone: (805) 568-2625, Fax: (805) 568-2663


Career Opportunities:

Guides County culture where employees can do their best work, so the community can live its best life. HR is responsible for implementing strategic workforce policies and programs that support the directives of the Board of Supervisors, County Executive Office, and the mission, goals, and objectives of the various County departments. 

1226 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 568-2800, Fax: (805) 568-2833


Plans for and promotes reasonable, productive, safe, and sustainable use of land to foster economic, social, cultural, and environmental vitality across the county by providing quality policy development, planning, permitting, and inspection services under the policy direction of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissions. The Planning and Development Department has five budget programs: Administration & Support, Permitting, Coastal Mitigation, Code Enforcement, and Long-Range Planning.

Administration/Santa Barbara
123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2058
Phone: (805) 568-2000

North County Office 
624 W. Foster Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455-3623 
Phone: (805) 934-6250


Protects and serves the community by providing information and recommendations to the Courts; providing safe, secure, and effective juvenile detention and treatment programs; enforcing court orders and supervision and release conditions, requiring responsibility/accountability, supporting rehabilitation; and supporting victims of crimes by facilitating reparation and restitution collection. The department provides custody, education, vocational, and treatment services for youth detained at the Santa Maria Juvenile Hall and the Los Prietos Boys Camp. The Department also provides assessment, investigation, and supervision services for justice involved individuals, and provides victim assistance through notification services and the collection of restitution.

117 East Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara 93101
Phone: (805) 882-3700


Fulfills the County’s obligation to provide excellent representation to residents who cannot afford an attorney. The law requires the Public Defender to defend adults charged with crimes triable in the Superior Court, including death penalty crimes; defend minors in delinquency proceedings; defend persons charged with contempt of court; protect individuals who can no longer care for themselves for reasons such as physical or developmental disability, mental illness, Alzheimer’s, or dementia; and appear in court on behalf of persons held in mental health facilities. 

Main Office 

1100 Anacapa, Santa Barbara 93101 
Phone: (805) 568-3470, Fax: (805) 568-3538


115 Civic Center Plaza, Lompoc 93436 
Phone: (805) 737-7770, Fax: (805) 737-7881

Santa Maria 
312 East Cook, Santa Maria 93454 
Phone: (805) 346-7500, Fax: (805) 614-6735

Santa Barbara County is home to spectacular beaches (Courtesy of Santa Barbara County)

PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT – Incl. Health Clinics, Animal Health, Environmental Health

General Website:
COVID-19 Website: 

Improves the health of our communities by preventing disease, promoting wellness and health equity, while ensuring access to needed health care, and maintaining a safe and healthy environment. The Public Health Department has six budget programs: Health Care Centers; Community Health Programs; Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Regulatory Programs and Emergency Preparedness; Administration and Support; and Animal Services. 

300 North San Antonio Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: (805) 681-5102, Fax: (805) 681-5191

Health Care Centers

Carpinteria Health Care Center:
931 Walnut Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013
(805) 560-1050

Santa Barbara Franklin Health Care Center:
1111 E. Montecito Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(805) 568-2099

Santa Barbara Health Care Center:
345 Camino del Remedio, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
(805) 681-5488

Lompoc Health Care Center:
301 North R Street, Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 737-6400

Santa Maria Health Care Center: 2115 Centerpointe Parkway, Santa Maria, CA 93455-1334
(805) 346-7230

Animal Health 

Santa Barbara: 5473 Overpass Road, Goleta, CA 93117, (805) 681-5285
Lompoc: 1501 West Central Avenue, Lompoc, CA 93436, (805) 737-7755
Santa Maria: 548 W. Foster Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455, (805) 934-6119

Environmental Health


Santa Barbara: (805) 681-4900
Santa Maria: (805) 346-8460


Efficiently provides, operates, and maintains public infrastructure in the unincorporated county. The Public Works Department oversees 42 special purpose funds and is responsible for County-maintained roads, traffic engineering, review and permitting of private land development, design engineering and construction management, land surveying and map processing, water supply planning, storm water permitting activities and flood protection, solid waste planning, engineering and management, inactive landfill management, wastewater systems management, and special districts.


Santa Barbara
123 East Anapamu, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 568-3000, Fax: (805) 568-3019

Santa Maria
620 West Foster Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455
Phone: (805) 803-8750, Fax: (805) 803-8753

Popular Links:
Road Closure Information:
Sandbag Information:
Surveyor Maps & Downloads:
Rainfall Information:
Recycling & Hazardous Waste:
Water Conservation & Efficiency:


Phone: (805) 568-3000, Fax: (805) 568-3019

Water Resources/Flood Control District
Phone: (805) 568-3440, Fax: (805) 568-3434

Resource Recovery & Waste Management
Phone: (805) 882-3600, Fax: (805) 882-3601

Phone: (805) 568-3020, Fax: (805) 568-3318


Provides law enforcement services for the unincorporated area of the county, plus the cities of Buellton, Carpinteria, Goleta, and Solvang by contract. The Sheriff’s Office manages the joint Fire/Sheriff Air Support Bureau, county dispatch center, and provides correctional services for the entire county. The Sheriff also serves as the County Coroner. The Coroner’s bureau investigates all suspicious deaths in the county. In addition, the Office contracts with the United States Forest Service, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, Santa Maria Joint Union High School, and various other nonprofits. 

4434 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: (805) 681-4100, Fax: (805) 681-4322
Dispatch non-emergency: (805) 683-2724 
Anonymous tip email:
Anonymous tip line: (805) 681-4171

Carpinteria Substation 
5775 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013 
Phone: (805) 568-3399 


Provides many protective and supportive services aimed at assisting members of the community in their efforts to be safe, healthy, and empowered as they face the challenges and opportunities of life. DSS is a part of a larger network of providers in the county, working together for the benefit of our community. Service areas include health care, food and cash aid, job services, child welfare, and adult welfare.

Santa Barbara 
234 Camino del Remedio, Santa Barbara 93110 
Phone: (805) 681-4401, Fax: (805) 681-4402 

Santa Maria 

2125 S. Centerpointe Parkway, Santa Maria 93454 
Phone: (805) 346-7135, Fax: (805) 346-7196 

1100 West Laurel Avenue, Lompoc 93436
Phone: (805) 737-7080, Fax: (805) 737-6047


Bills and collects all property taxes, and process all payments; provide banking services; invest revenue received by the County, schools, and special districts; and administer the County’s debt program, deferred compensation plan, decedents’ estates, public conservatorships, and veterans’ services. The functions of the department are organized into the divisions of the Tax Collector, Treasurer, Public Administrator, Public Guardian, Veterans’ Services, and Deferred Compensation.

Santa Barbara 
105 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara 93101 
Phone: (805) 568-2920

Santa Maria 
511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria 93455
Phone: (805) 346-8330


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