Thank You for the Most Amazing Village 4th Ever!

By Sharon Byrne   |   July 12, 2022
Photo by Joanne A. Calitri

If you came out and watched the Village 4th motorcade roll by, you know it was a smash hit. From the flyover of vintage planes that kicked it off, to a slew of historic autos in the Loudest, Proudest motorcade, all festooned with July 4th decorations, our terrific Grand Marshall Diane Pannkuk, the Sheriff’s Paddy Wagon, Dana’s 1937 Fire Engine / Wonkamobile, Adam’s Angels on the Trolley… to the after-party on the lawn in front of Via Vai…well, it was a spectacular day of honoring our country that we’ll long remember.

We’d be entirely remiss if we didn’t share that by far, the most thrilling thing about the Village 4th parade is YOU – all the neighbors who come out to wave the parade on, and yell, “Happy 4th!” The motorcade format’s biggest gift is to see so many neighbors on the route, and experience how much we love being in and part of this very special, wonderful community. Every parade entry team reported that seeing YOU was the biggest happy surprise of the day for them. 

So here’s to YOU – the neighbors that came out, cheered, and firmly wove thousands of new threads into the already strong fabric of this community. It takes a village, and we got to see a lot of this village on the 4th, and you’re all looking wonderful, and full of spirit!

You’ll see a slew of Village 4th images on page 44 from ace photographer Joanne A Calitri. Check and see if she got you! 

There’s a huge cast of characters to thank for pulling all this together:

Fabulous sponsors:

Montecito Community Foundation – our presenting co-sponsors
Montecito Bank & Trust
Montecito Journal 
Pacific Tree Company
Jean von Wittenburg
Susan Petrovich
Sybil Rosen
Dusan Toman
Kath Washburn
Sandy Stahl
Paige Rockecharlie
Nina Terzian
Leslie and Phillip Bernstein
Diane Bloodgood
Sally Hanseth
Catherine Haslem
Walter Moore
Cindy Feinberg
Jennifer and Stephen Rogers

Your Hardworking Montecito Association Village 4th Event Committee:

Sharon Byrne
Trish Davis
Mindy Denson
Mike Edwards
Dana Hansen
Kathi King
Andrea and Dana Newquist
Conner Rehage
Nina Terzian
Jean von Wittenburg

Our Amazing Public Safety Partners:

SBSO – Lt Butch Arnoldi
MFPD – Chief Kevin Taylor
CHP – Captain Mike Logie,
Officer Kelly

That Incredible Vintage Plane Kick-off Flyover – Wow! 

Michael Maloco 

The fabulous staff of Via Vai who fed approximately a kajillion parade entrants, sponsors, and everyone that popped by once they realized Something Community Was Happening: Pietro, Carlos, and Luis – you guys are the best! 

Congrats to our Grand Marshall Diane Pannkuk! You started all this 27 years ago, and we’re so glad you did! Thank you for bringing us this wonderful tradition.

Sharon Byrne is the Executive Director of the Montecito Association


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