Solstice Shines on Parade

By Joanne Calitri   |   July 5, 2022

To bring some Shine into the summer, the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade returned on June 25 with that theme, and a new route up Santa Barbara Street. Perhaps it should have been on this historic road all along. An estimated over 100,000 attendees paid homage to the sun, and yes, ‘60s hippies crawled out of their hidden hot tubs in Mission Canyon, joining the Park East yuppie puppies and Westside kool kats to dance in the streets.  

Nods to Solstice Artists in Residence Geoffrey Barber, Claudia Bratton, Mary Price, Katreece Montgomery, Carlos Cuellar, Mariano Silva and his Brazilian Ensemble, Brawlin’ Bettie’s Roller Derby, Teresa Kuskey Nowak and 80 La Boheme dancers, Greg Beeman x Jim Sunbear’sBadunkafunk Band, 

Kimi Van Dyk, Kent Epperson, Phyllis Cohen, Dusty Williams, 

Jensen Smith-Morrison, Claire Frandsen, John Conroy, Pali X-Mano, Raven Wylde, Karen Luckett, Yasmin Gutierrez, Jeff Dutcher, David Machacek, 

Barbara Logan, Hathor Hammett, Phyllis Chu, Steven Sharpe, and Tessa Flanagan.  


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