Palate to Palette

By Lynda Millner   |   May 17, 2022
Richard Finkley, Lynda Fairly, and Linda Rosso
Tim Cohen and Suzi Schomer

Carpinteria is like the Little Engine that Could. They wanted an arts center, so they worked, and worked, and now there is a thriving one at 865 Linden Avenue. The annual fundraiser was just held that allows the group to present programs for all kinds of artistic ventures for all ages. Two hundred folks attended on a sunny afternoon to enjoy the Charles Lo Bue Gallery where 40 artists had donated their work. The terrace was filled to the brim with 28 restaurateurs, local chefs, and vintners with music playing on the stage. And there was a live auction!

Here’s some of the artistic activities the Art Center brings to the community: workshops and excursions, summer camps for kids, the Charles Lo Bue Gallery, scholarships, arts education for all ages, teen arts mural project, summer concerts, collaborations with local nonprofits, venue rentals, a monthly artist marketplace, private tours for seniors, and more. A diverse menu of cultural programs! For information, call executive director Linda Rosso at (805) 684-7789 and ask about what the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center can do for you. Also visit


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