Local Light at the Museum

By Lynda Millner   |   April 26, 2022
Thad MacMillan, Sheila O. Snow, curator and speaker Jeremy Tessmer, and Laurie MacMillan at the SBHM lecture

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum (SBHM) is having a plethora of exhibits. They recently had an evening with curator Jeremy Tessmer (from Sullivan Goss gallery), who took a personal look at one of Santa Barbara’s most acclaimed artists, Lockwood de Forest. The Museum was lucky enough to have a grand collection of his works given to them by Kathleen and Oswald Da Ros, which form the bones of the exhibit. It also touches on Lockwood’s many talents: interior designer, author, and worldwide traveler.

Lockwood was born in New York in 1850 and began painting at an early age. At 19 he began formal training in Rome at the Corridi and used his relative Frederic Church as his mentor (the famous Hudson River School painter). Lockwood painted all his life, even while taking on other endeavors. While alive, he was best known as a designer, especially Indian-inspired design. He traveled the world and recorded his travels by painting landscapes.

He loved the light and landscape of the South Coast and began to winter in Santa Barbara, moving here permanently in 1919. He lived here until he died in 1932. SBHM is located at 136 East De la Guerra Street. It’s waiting for you.


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