Montecito Welcomes New Dentist

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   April 5, 2022
Dr. Mahmood Loul – seen here with his emotional support dog, Zull, sitting with a patient – has taken over the dental practice at the Las Aves complex

Mahmood Loul, DDS, has purchased the dental practices of Dr. Ronald Dinning and Dr. David Cowan, located in the Las Aves complex on the corner of Cabrillo Blvd and Los Patos Way. While Dr. Dinning has moved out of state, Dr. Cowan is still seeing patients and working together with Dr. Loul. 

Dr. Loul hails from the Bay Area, most recently Berkeley, where he worked in a high-end dentistry practice. Originally from New Jersey with Syrian-born parents, Dr. Loul began his dental studies in Syria and continued his schooling in Guyana, South America. He then moved back to the United States, specifically California, to begin his schooling at the University of the Pacific. He has traveled to many different countries – including Greece, Turkey, Guyana, and Jamaica – in order to provide free dental care on humanitarian missions. “Living in different countries and working in different dental settings gave me invaluable perspective related to oral health care,” he said. 

Seeking to buy his own practice for several years, when he heard that Dr. Dinning, who has practiced dentistry in Montecito for decades, was looking to sell his practice, Dr. Loul knew it would be the ideal location. “It was a good fit. We vetted each other, and Dr. Dinning knew I would be a good fit for his patients,” he said. Dr. Loul also sought to buy Dr. Cowan’s practice, in order to manage the entire practice into one cohesive, state-of-the-art dental studio. There are immediate plans to add more technology, including 3D printing and imaging, and digitize every patient chart. “I practice dentistry in a sustainable way. No impressions and no paper charts,” he explained, adding that the seven-room office will be refreshed over time. 

From routine dental care, cleanings, and aesthetics, Dr. Loul says his goal for the practice is to remain patient-centered, and to provide the highest quality dentistry. “From the minute patients walk in, to the minute that they leave, we make sure they are comfortable,” he said. 

Dr. Loul has a team of three hygienists, four assistants, and three front desk staff to help both him and Dr. Cowan. A very important member of the team is Zull, Dr. Loul’s Weimaraner, who is trained as an emotional support animal. “About half of my patients ask to have him on their laps during their procedures,” he explained. “It calms them immediately and takes their focus from their mouths to the cuddly dog sitting on their lap. They really love it.” 

Dr. Loul, who officially took over the practice in January, says he looks forward to meeting new patients and getting to know the Montecito community. “I’m very happy to be here, and I know my dentistry and attention to detail will be appreciated,” he said. 

Loul Dental Studio is located at 1805 East Cabrillo Blvd, Suite A. For more information, visit


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