A Festive Thank You

By Lynda Millner   |   January 11, 2022
SBHM party with George Leis, Director Dacia Harwood, and Adela Lisanti

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum (SBHM) held a member appreciation soiree over the holidays. The courtyard looked so festive with all the tables decked out in sparkly gold tablecloths. The tapa table people were busy making tacos and pizza and we were busy eating them. There was a band playing and no COVID worries since the courtyard has no roof.

The SBHM invitation had a fun photo of the 1920 Community Tree on the grounds of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. That was the courthouse before our splendid current one. In the photo there were no leggings in sight and all the ladies and gentlemen had hats on. SBHM Director Dacia Harwood was greeting people at the door along with board member George Leis, Adela Lisanti, and Jeanie Buchanan. A few of those attending were Debby and Roger Aceves, Hattie and Michael Beresford, Kathi Brewster, Stacey Byers and Luke Swetland, Mary Louise Days, Father Larry, Maribel Jarchow, Laurie and Thad MacMillan, Marlene and Warren Miller, and Carolyn and Bob Williams.

One of the best bargains in town is the SBHM. The current exhibit, “Borein and His Circle of Friends,” will be on display through January 22 and it is free.

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