What a Concept

By Richard Mineards   |   October 12, 2021
Paris Al-Atragchi, Nikko Kuesis, Judie Lugo, Pamela Easter, Mark Stehrenberger, and Kent Wojciechowski in front of a 1961Corvette owned by Orwin and Alma Middleton (Photo by Priscilla)

More than 200 exotic and historic automobiles will be participating in the ninth annual Montecito Motor Classic at the Santa Barbara Polo Club on Sunday, which founder Dolores Johnson tells me is a record.

Montecito Bank & Trust’s George Leis is presented with a gift from Montecito Motor Classic Founder Dolores Johnson (Photo by Priscilla)

This year’s theme for the free-admission event, presented by the Armand Hammer Foundation, is “The Concept Car,” which will focus on the advances of auto technology over eight decades.

The show’s honoree is internationally acclaimed designer Mark Stehrenberger, a sought-after consultant to such diverse carmakers as Rolls Royce, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Renault, Subaru, Saab, and Jeep.

The Stehrenberger Chalet will feature a special curated display of his concept car drawings and paintings from the last 30 years, and the opportunity to meet the automotive legend.

Monies raised will go to the Santa Barbara Police Activities League.

Among the guests at a pre-event reception at Montecito Bank & Trust, the main sponsor, near La Cumbre Plaza, were Terry Pillow, Anne Luther, Bob Burtness, Dana Hansen, Orwin and Alma Rose Middleton, George Leis, Dana and Andrea Newquist, and Joe Danely.

Yours truly will also be presenting a trophy at the show and there will also be a hat competition sponsored by Silverhorn Jewelry.

Jim Harris with his limited edition 2018 GT Ford Coupe (Photo by Priscilla)

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