How to Vote in the 2021 Election

By Nick Masuda   |   October 5, 2021

As October approaches, you will start receiving mail-in ballots for Santa Barbara’s mayoral race, and if you live in Districts 4, 5, or 6, you will also receive a ballot for those City Council races.

While the rest of this section previews the candidates, the logistics of voting is just as important so you can make your voice heard.

Here are important websites and contact information to help you express yourself, with the election set for November 2.

City of Santa Barbara Voting Website:

Voting: All voters in the City of Santa Barbara will be receiving a ballot with prepaid postage to vote for a mayoral candidate. In addition to the city-wide mayoral race, voters in Districts 4, 5, and 6 will also be electing a Councilmember to represent their respective district.

Voting district lookup: Don’t know what district you fall into? The city has a website for that at www.sbcas

You can also get descriptions of each district here: www.santabarbara

Register to vote: Haven’t had a chance to get registered to vote this year? You can do so at https://reg

According to the city’s website, you can also call (805) 568-2200 (County Elections Division) to request a voter registration form. Voter registration forms are also available in the City Clerk’s Office.

How long will these candidates hold office? The Mayor and City Councilmembers serve four-year terms of office.

Financial disclosures: You can check out candidates’ financial disclosures here at


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