A Family Legacy

By Lynda Millner   |   September 14, 2021
Bill and Nancy Kimsey with host Keith Moore

Keith Moore could probably write a family saga, but instead he gave a celebration soirée in honor of his long lineage in California since 1840. The Santa Barbara Club was all decked out in Fiesta fashion when about 50 of his close friends gathered for margaritas and dinner on the lawn.

It all began with General Robert Bines Moore who was born in 1790 in Newcastle, Delaware, and died in 1866 in California. The general was an elected official in Ohio and received orders to go to California in 1840 with volunteer regiments and other brigades to participate in the War with Mexico. He was charged with maintaining law and order in the Northern District and later brought settlers and his own family to the region. He purchased 17,000 acres of the Fernandez Grant in Butte County and more in Santa Barbara County in 1840. Because of his expertise, he was elected among the first Supervisors of Butte County in 1846.

Fast forward to Keith’s grandparents, Bill and Vivian Whiting Moore, who participated in the first Fiesta celebration in 1924. They came down from their ranch in Lompoc and stayed in a hotel for two weeks. Before it burned in 1921, they always stayed in the Potter Hotel. The SB Maritime Museum now holds one of their souvenir plates in the permanent collection.

We salute you, Keith, for being a sixth generation Santa Barbaran and a vetted Life Member of the Society of California Pioneers.


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