Marc Gelinas, Known for Interior Design, Now has a Store for his Antiques

By Nick Masuda   |   August 12, 2021
Marc Normand Gelinas Interior Design has been located in Montecito since 2008
Gelinas’ handiwork in a master bedroom

That look? That’s Marc Gelinas smiling from ear to ear — and he has plenty of windows to check out his pearly whites at his new digs on East Valley Road in the Upper Village.

It’s the perfect space to not only promote his flourishing interior design business, but also his budding career as an antique dealer, a recent addition to his business repertoire.

He moved quickly to land the spot, identifying the space on May 22, leasing it by June 1, and opening by June 30.

“I didn’t want to waste any time,” Gelinas said. “This gives plenty of window space to show off my antiques.”

A Montecitan since 2008, when he took a chance and moved during the Great Recession, Gelinas has found a stable of clients for his interior design work, allowing his business to grow steadily over the past 13 years.

Nearly two years ago, Gelinas added antiques to his offerings, focused on mostly English and French pieces. He spends time on auction sites, as well as targeted international trips in order to acquire everything from a French Renaissance table to chairs that Louis XVI utilized.

Gelinas enjoys studying the pieces in person, allowing him to truly appreciate the art.

“I find antiques fascinating because they also show the political influence as styles change as well.”

Gelinas moved quickly to get his new digs on East Valley Road
Gelinas’ storefront on East Valley Road now displays his mostly French and English antiques
Gelinas says he has gained business due to his “open-book” policy, where clients see all invoices

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