Montecito Concierge Medicine: ‘A Practice Within the Practice’

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   August 5, 2021
Montecito Concierge Medicine has opened with Turner Medical Arts on Coast Village Road. Launched by Mary Sidavanh, RN, and Dr. Alan Viglione, the practice offers boutique medical care both in the office and at home.

Back in April, we reported on the opening of Turner Medical Arts on Coast Village Road, located at 1250 Coast Village Road, upstairs from Village Properties, The Warner Group, and Synergy Lending. Now, Dr. Duncan Turner has brought on a new internal medical doctor, Dr. Alan Viglione, who launched his “practice within the practice,” Montecito Concierge Medicine, in June. 

“This is the wave of the future of medicine,” Dr. Viglione told us during an interview at the office earlier this week.

The doctor and his nurse, Mary Sidavanh, RN,bring a combination of classic Western medicine and Eastern influences into an integrated approach, offered in a boutique setting. Concierge medicine has gained popularity in the last decade, and offers patients a more individualized approach to healthcare. At Montecito Concierge Medicine, patients pay a monthly fee — and have access to the doctor and his expertise anytime they may need care or medical help. “We are getting away from the 8 to 5 paradigm, and offering patients care in the comfort of their own homes,” Dr. Viglione said. “Instead of calling a busy doctor who may have thousands of patients, and waiting days to be seen, my patients have access to me via phone around the clock, and we usually can see them in the office or at their home within hours.”

After completing his studies at Boston College, UC Santa Barbara, and State University of New York, Dr. Viglione began his medical career in Orange County, at a busy medical practice where he felt he was not able to give patients the individual attention he wanted to give. He moved to Santa Barbara in 2020, joining a concierge medical practice that allowed him to refine his patient care; he decided to open his own practice after meeting Dr. Turner and realizing their approach to medicine was aligned. “We want to redefine concierge medicine, offering an ultra-boutique experience for our patients. Our vision is to see a smaller number of patients, and give them incredible attention and individualized care.” 

Each patient that joins the practice is offered an extensive physical exam, which includes body composition testing, cardiac risk testing, blood profiles that look for inflammation, toxin exposure, gut function, vitamin markers, and much more. “We aren’t just here to treat patients when they are ill. Our goal is to guide our patients to become healthier than they are now,” Dr. Viglione said. With information gleaned from the blood panels and physical exam, the doctor will suggest a regime of exercise, nutrition, anti-aging vitamin therapies, and more. 

When a patient is ill, the doctor and nurse team provide home or office visits, and can conduct an extensive exam, sometimes preventing a visit to the emergency room. Sidavanh is both a registered nurse and critical care nurse, with the ability to draw blood and administer IV fluids at the bedside. The duo can perform multiple diagnostic tests including ultrasound, and can treat a multitude of ailments including sports related injuries, common wounds, infections, and more. “We have the ability to bring the emergency room to someone’s home, where they can receive care from the comfort of their own bed,” Sidavanh said. Montecito Concierge Medicine is also contracted with local hotels and resorts, offering in-room exams and treatments for ill travelers. “We really do treat our patients like family,” Dr. Viglione said.  

In addition to their primary care services for patients over age 16, Sidavanh also offers IV infusion therapy for a host of different concerns ranging from fatigue to excess weight. From high dose Vitamin C to hydration therapy and antioxidant formulas, the infusion therapy is a relaxing way to rebalance the body, Sidavanh says. 

Montecito Concierge Medicine is located within Turner Medical Arts, which offers treatment for a wide range of health concerns for both men and women. Dr. Turner has assembled a team of health professionals in the practice, including Dr. Joseph Chang, who once owned Montecito Aesthetic Institute on Coast Village Road. Dr. Chang specializes in aesthetic facial injections including Botox and fillers, and is also a highly-regarded ocular plastic surgeon, performing eyelid surgery at his alternate site in Bakersfield. Dr. Michael Giuffrida, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and liposuction specialist is also with the team, after building a successful practice on the East Coast. Dr. Giuffrida specializes in body sculpting and breast augmentation. Other providers include Caitlin Bozek, RN, who is an expert in injectables; Nurse Practitioner Kirsten DiBenedetto, who works closely with Dr. Turner with his gynecology patients; Tracy Whitecotton, who oversees the weight management program at the office; and Karen Spaulding, who oversees the marketing and development of the practice. 

“We are thrilled to be expanding Turner Medical Arts by welcoming Dr. Viglione and Montecito Concierge Medicine. It’s a great fit for the services we are already providing,” Dr. Turner said. 

For more information, visit and, or call 962-1957. 


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