Plan to Shoot Off Fireworks? Enjoy Some Sparklers? Just Don’t Do It.

By Christina Favuzzi   |   July 8, 2021
Montecito Fire is warning locals and visitors alike to not utilize fireworks, even sparklers, this 4th of July

It’s America’s birthday party and what could be more celebratory than shooting off fireworks?!

But no one will be celebrating if those fireworks spark a fire.

Fourth of July in Montecito is a celebration of our great nation’s independence and, our community’s independence from all fireworks. 

The manufacturing, storage, sale, handling, and use of all fireworks poses an extreme safety risk to our community and is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Montecito Fire Protection District.

All fireworks, including safe and sane fireworks, are illegal in Montecito. Yes, even sparklers are a no-go this holiday and any day of the year in the 93108. 

Why? Ember cast.

“When you set off a firework, even a safe and sane one, there’s no way to completely control where every single spark and ember may land,” said Montecito Fire Chief Kevin Taylor. “Even if you take every precaution to choose a safe place to set off some fireworks this holiday, consider what could happen if a gust of wind carries a firework ember over to your neighbor’s property and lands in dry vegetation.”

Consider the consequences.

Possession of any fireworks within the Montecito Fire Protection District may result in penalties and fines ranging from $500 to $1,000 or a year in Santa Barbara County Jail.

Consider the fact that we are facing record-breaking drought conditions in Montecito and across the Western United States. 

The National Weather Service sent the following weather message to Montecito Fire personnel this week:

 “Abnormally dry fuels that are more typical of August will lead to widespread elevated fire weather conditions over the foothills of southern Santa Barbara County, with brief critical conditions possible. Any fire that does start will have potential for large vertical plumes and locally enhanced winds.”

The National Weather Service’s team of forecasters is warning us that historically hot, dry, and gusty wind conditions will be persistent factors in our summer weather pattern. 

Please, consider the consequences. 

We understand that fireworks are synonymous with Independence Day celebrations. However, we ask you to consider the safety of your neighbors and our environment. Let’s leave the firework displays to the talented professionals!

The city of Santa Barbara’s Fourth of July Celebration will happen this year at the waterfront and the free fireworks show is sure to be a spectacular, safe display.

We encourage anyone with information about illegal fireworks to call the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office at (805) 681-4100. If you see or hear fireworks being set off (other than the professional display in Santa Barbara), call 911 immediately. 

This Independence Day, please help us avoid having the “red” in the “red, white & blue” equal fire engines and flames. From all of us at Montecito Fire, have a safe and happy holiday!


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