‘Craving Community’: Kate McMahon Returns to Coast Village Road

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   May 27, 2021
Kate McMahon is back on Coast Village Road, this time at a pop-up shop in the Mart

Local fashion fixture Kate McMahon is back on Coast Village Road, opening a pop-up in Montecito Country Mart to offer her full clothing collection called Covet. McMahon took a multi-year hiatus from the brick-and-mortar retail scene, focusing instead on selling her luxury knitwear — including her famous sweaters — online.

“It felt like the right time to be back in a shop,” she told us earlier this week. “I was craving community and to be out in the world again.” 

Kate had her original namesake store on Coast Village Road for 10 years before closing in 2011; a few years later she opened a smaller shop and studio in the space above Tre Lune, called Kakoon. Covet is what Kate calls a reflection of her own personal style, including a full line of pants, shirts, jackets, dresses, and her hand-knit sweaters. The easy-to-wear line features natural fabrics with classic styling, all designed by Kate.

“They are things you would have in your wardrobe and wear every day,” she said. 

The designs are mostly neutral colored, with a mix of feminine and boyish style. 

The store, which is located in the space formerly occupied by Sheryl Lowe’s jewelry pop-up, also features accessories including jewelry, scarves, and a handful of handmade ceramics.

“You can leave here with a few pieces of clothing, which will translate to many different looks; they are interchangeable with incredible jewelry,” Kate said about the line, which she launched in 2018. 

Kate says the store has been well received in the first week or so, and she finds it energizing to see her loyal customer base as well as new clientele. “I feel so supported by this community,” she said. 

The shop is open Monday-Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm, for a yet-to-be-determined length of time. For more information, visit www.covetbykate.com

Montecito Country Mart is located on the corner of Coast Village Road and Hot Springs Road. 


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