Last Days at Read ‘N Post

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   April 29, 2021

Read ‘N Post at Montecito Country Mart will host an informal all-day “final fling” this Saturday, April 24, with free light refreshments and “a chance for us to say ‘thank you and best wishes always’ to our customers and friends,” said Jan Hendrickson, principal owner of the beloved shop. “Read ‘N Post has had more than 35 wonderful years as part of the Montecito community,” said Hendrickson, “And we don’t want to close our doors without the opportunity to express our appreciation for the warm friendship and support that we have received from so many people over those years.”

Saturday’s “final fling” will give longtime Read ‘N Post staff member Robin Machado one more chance to dress up in one of the costumes that became her trademark on holidays for many years. Prices at the shop are on sale 50% off, except Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards, which are priced at 20% off regular price.

 Montecito Mercantile is expected to replace the shop after a short renovation. The U.S. Post Office, which has operated as part of Read ‘N Post for many years, will continue in its current location. Access during the renovation will be through the door opening to the Montecito Country Mart courtyard.


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