A Wish Comes True

By Richard Mineards   |   April 15, 2021
Cheering the parade participants are MBT’S Penny Spackman, Sylvia Kuaea, Lora Taylo (photo by Priscilla)
David Edelman, “Make-A-Wish” Director of Development; with the Bisquera Family: Elena, D’mitri surrounding Make-A-Wish for Carmelo (photo by Priscilla)

Montecito Bank & Trust on Coast Village Road was the focal point when a parade including firefighters, law enforcement, and representatives of the community honored a Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties recipient, Carmelo Bisquera, 16, a student at Santa Barbara’s Olive Grove Charter School.

Carmelo, whose hobbies are video games and reading, was born with an endocrine disorder in which the pituitary gland fails to produce enough hormones.

His treatments involve frequent hormone shots and other medications. This condition is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and has caused him to be classified as legally blind.

But, like many teens, he often spends his time playing video games to take his mind off his condition and connect with others of his age group. He owns an outdated PlayStation and aspires to someday be a video game programmer.

But after the parade, the youngster was presented with a whole host of up-to-date electronic equipment enabling him to access the latest games and programs.

“It’s exactly like Christmas all over again!” he gushed.

Leading the Parade for Carmello’s Wish are CHP Officer Shannan Sams; Amie Parrish, “MAW” Board Member;Wells Fargo Private Bank; AMR’S Jack Snyder and April Lim, EMT; Lora Taylor, MBT; Tia Taylor, EMT; and the Montecito Fire Department’s Captain Jeff Villarreal; with Engineer Nick Eubank and Garet Blake, Paramedic (photo by Priscilla)

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