People of Montecito: Patricia Moo

By Megan Waldrep   |   November 5, 2020
Patricia Moo’s The Perfect Fit sells Cabi ready-to-wear clothing as part of the shop’s fall 2020 collection, available now at the store on Coast Village Circle

I learned to sew when I was probably 13 years. The first dress I made when I was 14. You know, my mama was a seamstress. So when I was little, I used to help her. I’d do the hemming, the buttonholes, sewing buttons, and all that kind of stuff. 

Later, I took over little by little because she was having problems with her eyes. Then, I came over to the U.S. and started working in a factory doing uniforms for the fire department or the police department. From there, I worked for a tailor shop. And I worked with this wonderful Irish lady that taught me how to do fittings. From there, I switched to Italians. They’ve all been my best mentors. I took about six months, just learning how to do new patterns. So, I’ve learned from hands-on experience.  

I worked for the previous owner of The Perfect Fit for fifteen years before I took over in 2007 when she retired. All my clients are very loyal, and I really appreciate them. I feel very blessed to be in this community. I feel safe, loved, protected over here. I don’t go to work, I go to my home.

Patricia Moo, owner of The Perfect Fit


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