Summerland People: Nancy Aviles

By Leslie Westbrook   |   September 3, 2020

Her faith, and the views, help her through

One Summerland family that is looking forward to the changes at Lookout Park is Nancy Aviles, her husband, Rodrigo Campuzano, and their two young children, Amy and Roy.

“Living in Summerland is a wonderful experience,” says Nancy, a child development specialist who works for an early intervention agency in Santa Barbara. “Neighbors are super friendly and caring. We all care for each other and there is a great sense of a united community.”

Nancy does therapy work with children 0-3 years old and management work, for another division in the agency. COVID-19 remains with its challenges for the Aviles family, as it does for many other families.

Child development specialist Nancy Aviles, with her children, Amy and Roy

“I feel super fortunate to continue to have a job during this difficult time,” says Nancy. “However, coping with the stay-at-home reality has been challenging because I have to work from home, take care of my children, and support my first grader Roy with the distance learning.”

Nancy goes on: “I’d been able to cope with this difficult time by continuing to grow my faith. I wake up every morning and thank God for my family. People struggling during this time need to look out their window and appreciate the beautiful community we live in. Be thankful for the flowers in your garden, to the bees flying by, to the beautiful ocean view!”


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