Susan Crosby: Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert

By Dalina Michaels   |   July 7, 2020
Susan Crosby is offering personal training sessions over Zoom while the shelter-in-place order is in effect

Montecito mom Susan Crosby has been offering work out sessions and personal training for years, but now with everyone staying home, she has found a new way to connect with her clients.

The Crosby family first moved to Montecito in 2003, thinking (like everyone else!) it would be a great place to raise a family and pursue an active lifestyle.

Says Crosby, “My daughter, Calleigh (11), is into aerial dance and son, Cash (14), loves tennis and volleyball, so Montecito has been a perfect fit for us.”

When both her children were young, she knew she wanted to get back to work and she had always been interested in personal training so she got her certifications.

“I originally got certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist. Now I am working on my Youth Training Certification.”

It helps that healthy lifestyles run in the family – husband Geoff started California Juice Company ( creating all organic cold-pressed juices and wellness shots sold to companies and hotels. The featured “focus shot” right now is made with orange, ginger, Hawaiian turmeric, habanero, and lemon. The drinks are normally sold to retailers and hotels all over, however, for right now juices can be purchased and picked up directly from Geoff at

According to Susan, planks are the single best exercise you can do

To stay in shape when we are all staying indoors, Susan offers a mix of exercises and activities that you can do with her in online classes or in personal sessions.

She explains, “I use body weight and minimal equipment so I can train clients just about anywhere there is internet. My clients have always been able to come to me, or I can go to them. Now I am offering classes over Zoom. I offer private and small group classes, usually three to five people, so that allows for a lot of personal attention.”

Before the quarantine, Crosby would teach at private homes and could even meet with clients in the local parks and beaches. But she is hopeful when the restrictions are lifted, she will be able to get back outside with her clients. “While doing classes online is a great option for right now, I look forward to seeing my clients in person and working with them face-to-face. Right now, I am able to do a lot with online videos and I can see how my clients are working out and correct them even if I’m not there in person by their side.”

She offers a few ideas if you are looking to stay in shape from the comfort of your home:

“My favorite exercise is the plank. There are so many variations if you need more of a challenge. I love it because it works the whole body and you can do it anywhere and with no equipment. For a basic plank you will want to lie on your stomach with your forearms on the ground – shoulders and elbows in line. Pull in the stomach to support the lower back and lift the body into a plank. Hold the position for 20-45 seconds.”

Crosby has for now set up shop in her garage and is able to video her classes for clients who want to participate online. She also keeps her schedule with private clients and offers monthly packages for those who want to get out of their quarantine rut and might need that extra motivation. If you’re looking for a class for yourself, or have a few friends who might want to join, Crosby is willing to create a workout that is specific for your needs and vision.

To check out a class or see some workouts, go to: or her instagram @hawkcrosby.


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