Interview with 5G Free SB

By Joanne A Calitri   |   June 25, 2020
5G at Garden & Los Olivos Streets

5G Free SB is a local grassroots group whose mission is, “To advocate for wired technology known as Fiber Optic To The Premises (FTTP) in Santa Barbara County. To stop unnecessary and excessive densification of wireless microwave radio frequency radiation which science has proven to be harmful to our health and the environment. Wired technology is safer, faster, less expensive, more energy efficient, private and secure.” It has 472 people via Facebook with over 2,400 signatures on their petitions.

Representing 5G Free SBfor this news interview are Miriam Lindbeck and Lesley Weinstock:

Q. Is 5G Free SB working with the SB City Council Members and/or City Attorneys?

A. The draft Telecommunications Ordinance is being reviewed within the city departments. The City Attorney has offered to meet with 5G Free Santa Barbara to go over the ordinance line by line. We look forward to working together to make it the best and most protective ordinance it can be.

What are the most pertinent issues 5G Free SB wants everyone to know before any ordinance, public policy or contracts with telecom is established?

With 3G/4G/5G the issues are serious health effects to humans, animals and nature, an increased risk of fires, it adds huge financial cost to the city and county, could result in increased surveillance, is a threat to our safety, well-being, privacy and choice. Lloyds of London research into the science proves that RFR is harmful and in 2018, in Exclusion Clause 32, they eliminated any coverage to claims of any kind related to EMFs/RFR. Exclusion Clause 32 is standard across the industry, leaving the Telecom Communication Industry uninsurable.

Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR), is a man-made, toxic agent that causes systemic biological damages at frequency levels thousands of times lower than the current, extremely outdated FCC radiation exposure guidelines. Per new scientific evidence, former World Health Organization advisor Dr. Anthony Miller said RF radiation from any source, such as cell phones and wireless devices, fully meets criteria to be classified as a Group 1 carcinogen. Thousands of scientists and medical doctors around the world are calling for a halt to 5G. Countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Israel, Russia and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than the USA. Over 10,000 Supreme Court admissible medical studies show negative health effects of pulse modulated microwave radiation, supported by 26,000 scientists and doctors who have signed petitions to oppose 5G. Thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies link RF Radiation to cancer, DNA damage, metabolic dysfunction, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, nausea, cognitive impairment, depression and anxiety. In the US alone, over 13 million people are severely affected by radio frequency radiation. 5G cellular technology is dangerous because it emits pulse-modulated microwave radiation, at ultra high intensities, compared to earlier technologies, and because of the limits of the frequencies used, in order for users to have good reception with 5G, it is estimated they will need to put a mini cell station every eight to ten houses, instead of the current average of 3,000 feet. This would multiply the amount of radiation we will be exposed to by 10 to 100,000 times. If we cover the planet with densely placed Wireless Telecom Facilities (WTFs), there will be no escape for anyone, including other living organisms. [References: 5G Summit Report by Dr. Martin Pall, PhD Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, June 1 – 6, 2020 and]

Are there the same concerns with 2G, 3G, and 4G?

What most people do not know is 5G is dependent upon 4G. Because the 5G millimeter wave is too short to travel any distance yet can pack in exponentially more data, it relies upon the longer, wall penetrating 4G microwave to reach its destination. When 5G itself is deployed, it will use a narrow beam formed wave, that is accelerated and steerable, so that it can reach the user. 5G is “on demand” while 4G transmits 24/7/365. With 4G as the backbone of 5G, all the 4G frequencies will be in close proximity 24/7/365. In the recent past, the 4G towers were anywhere from one half mile to two miles away. Now they will be within feet of us. Given that 4G transmits without ceasing, and 5G will be on demand by countless users, these over laying, pulsed, modulated, multi-level frequencies will be penetrating our bodies in varying degrees, from within our airways, our homes, cars, buildings, everywhere, non-stop, for as long as 5G is broadcast. It will also penetrate our animals, plants, bugs and bees. It is the pulsed (meaning there are very high, fast, frequent spikes or peaks in the frequencies), modulated, data packed over-laying frequencies that interfere with delicate biology and are therefore harmful.

Recommendations from 5G Free SB

5G Free Santa Barbara is for safe technology and striking a balance between how this technology is operated and made available. It is unreasonable to remove all wireless service. We need to have phone/text service in our public rights of way, (PROW). It is essential to First Responders and everyone else. GPS, also necessary, is provided via satellite. The distinction 5G Free Santa Barbara makes is the fact that we need very little power to provide wireless phone/text service in the PROW: 0.01 Watts will provide a half-mile radius of five-bar cell service. The towers now being erected all over town and in your area, transmit up 22,000 Watts per tower and are being placed anywhere from every 1,000 feet or every eight to ten buildings depending upon the terrain and density of buildings.

5G Free Santa Barbara recommends Fiber Optics to The Premises for health concerns and it is the best engineering option: it’s the fastest, safest, the most reliable, secure, and the most energy-efficient broadband that exists. It eliminates the problem of fires where wireless facilities can explode, and their very transmissions can cause fires in trees due to the trees’ increased production and secretion of Terpenes, being above high power lines and being near foliage that has been sprayed with VOC pesticides, to name just a few of its benefits.

What are the key positions from pro-5G-ers, telecom and the FCC? Are there legal options for cities and towns to work with?

Industry is promising with 4G/5G, faster download speeds, (or blisteringly fast download speeds), low latency, and fewer dropped calls all of which falls into “Connectivity.” 4G/5G will allow for higher levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time autonomous driving, and robotics. The technology itself behind these services is extremely complex and is yet evolving as they work to find how it can be made more efficient. Technology is the purview of telecom. The FCC auctions off the frequency bands that each carrier purchases for their intended use. Some carriers purchase lower frequencies, some purchase frequencies in the mid band, and some purchase those in the high band. Only one company thus far will be using all three bands.

It is against Federal Law to outright prohibit the telecom industry. However, the Federal Government did provide and is providing even more of a level of local power to all municipalities that if exercised to its fullest extent, could potentially strike a balance between the telecom companies and every city in the U.S.

The problem that exists is the over-reach of the FCC and telecom that is currently being challenged in the Federal Courts. Many cases are coming before the courts to produce a greater balance in power.

It is our hope that wisdom and insight prevail in the judges, and better outcomes will be achieved. But until that time, it is up to the people to move their cities into a much more enlightened position. This is most difficult due to the fact that telecom has persuaded 40,000 municipalities for over 24 years that their way is the right way. It’s up to the people to say what is right for them. It is after all, our lives that are being impacted, and the sovereign right to protect them and the lives of those we love, is in our hands right now.

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