People of Montecito: Morhaf Trad

By Megan Waldrep   |   May 14, 2020
Morhaf Trad, owner of Bottle Shop

How Did You Operate Business In Past Emergencies?

I’ve owned the Bottle Shop since April 20, 1992. People depend on us. We were open through the earthquake, I stayed open through the fires and the mudslides when I had a chance to open. I opened to supply all I could to the community. During the fire, a lot of firemen and sheriffs came to town from all over California and Portland and there was no bathroom. There was no water. It was a ghost town. So, I Iet them use my bathroom. I gave them food, water…whatever I had. It makes you feel good to do something to provide for the community. It’s a great town and people become like family.

Morhaf Trad
Bottle Shop


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