By Megan Waldrep   |   May 14, 2020
Pre-order Bree’Osh’s bread and sourdough kit, which includes a starter, then pop online to download the recipe and start baking the French way

Shopping on Bree’osh Artisan Bakery’s online store is comparable to gazing through the glass case at the café. Baked delicacies such as a ham and cheese, pain au chocolat, almond, and plain croissants are ready both for online orders and pick-ups. And while you’re at it, add the Kouign Amann to your virtual cart. It’s a traditional pastry from Brittany, France, “made with brioche dough laminated with brown sugar (and) baked in a buttered, sugared mold until caramelization.” You sold yet?

Order boxes of pastries, like the mini-croissant box that offers three mini plain, chocolate, and almond croissants per person

We can thank owners Pierre and Nelly Henry for Bree’Osh. The French couple nestled in Montecito after years of scouting the perfect spot. With them, they brought their love of butter – Pierre is from Brittany, France which is famous for its butter, buckwheat crepes, shortbread cookies known as Le Sablé Breton, and the aforementioned sweet and buttery brioche Le Kouign Amann. Pierre is a banker-turned-baker (he dropped the “n”) as well as pastry chef who studied at Ferrandi, the school for culinary arts in Paris and trained under notable names in the industry including one-star Michelin chef, Cyril Lignac. Pierre and Nelly, along with their dedicated staff, bake daily while trading jokes and smiles, keeping the mood of the café as light as their coveted croissants.

Hours have varied during quarantine, with the bakery now opening at seven in the morning until noon. Post-quarantine, a few things to look forward to are hands-on classes from the masters themselves. In the past, they’ve taught the art of making homemade baguettes, quiche, brioche, and croissants that are “too pretty to eat… until you taste one, that is!” Can’t wait? Make sure to pre-order the bread and sourdough kit, which includes organic flour mix, yeast, and sourdough starter to make a traditional loaf at home with your fellow hunker downers.

Bree’Osh Artisan Bakery
1150 Coast Village Road E
(805) 969-2500


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