Other Offerings Out of Ojai

By Steven Libowitz   |   April 30, 2020

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks’ Ojai-based Foundation for Conscious Living has created a number of new resources for meeting the coronavirus crisis on the home page of the organization’s website, where visitors are able to connect with its Restoring Resourcefulness faculty for coaching and education about how to shift from fear to create wellbeing and creative connection. Short weekly gatherings where people can practice presence as well as giving and receiving loving attention are part of the offerings, as is free access to what the Foundation calls its most powerful transformation process: F.A.C.T.: Facing, Accepting, Choosing and Taking Action. The center’s Restoring Resourcefulness faculty has been exploring F.A.C.T. with the notion and emotion of fear itself; rather than leapfrogging over fear, denying or controlling it, what might happen if you turned your attention and curiosity to the actual experience of fear? Other “Fear Melter” strategies, from the Hendricks, who lived in Montecito for several years before relocating to Ojai, and an exploration of fear signatures – unique fear patterns that generally occur among four patterns – including how to recognize and befriend that fear, are also online and available for free. Visit https://foundationforconsciousliving.org.


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