Foggers for County First Responders

By Nick Schou   |   April 30, 2020
A One805 fogger at work

Much has been made lately in news articles about the effort to provide masks and other emergency preparedness gear to first responders in Santa Barbara. But not all such gear is wearable. To wit: One805, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting first responders, emergency preparedness and response, has just announced the purchase of 45 electric decontamination foggers.

The Hudson brand foggers are capable of quickly and efficiently dispersing sanitizing mist to large areas and will be provided to both the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department as well as police departments across the county. The foggers will help decontaminate jail cells, vehicles, equipment and both fire and police stations.

“As we have experience in this community, preparedness and response can come in many forms,” said Eric Phillips, One805’s CEO and co-founder. “We are proud that this community rallied quickly around our frontline personnel. This equipment will protect our community and the first responders who cannot work from home.”

One805 was the first organization to create a local Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) drive in coordination with the county’s Office of Emergency Services. Their office remains open with a monitored, secure drop box so that the organization can continue to collect equipment for doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and other first responders. “One805 is an extraordinary organization,” said Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown. “Through the selflessness of its members and the generosity of our community, the public safety agencies of Santa Barbara County are obtaining equipment that help us save lives and protect property.”

To donate and support One805’s fight against COVID-19 and for more information, please go to


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