Local Buddhist Communities Continue Offerings

By Steven Libowitz   |   April 23, 2020

The Santa Barbara Institute for Conscious Studies’ most recent newsletter includes more updates, meditation sessions and other materials from founder Alan Wallace along with another gem: a prayer and practice involving Tārā the Curer of Infectious Disease. H. E. Dagyum Chenmo Kusho Sakya has advised, translated and offered the practice at this time of global pandemic, with an English version translated by Kassapo Ngawang Khyentse. The text begins “Homage to she whose two eyes, the sun and full moon, Shine with a brilliant vivid light; Reciting HARA twice and TUTTĀRE, the most severe epidemics she allays.” Visit www.sbinstitute.com.

Over at Bodhi Path Santa Barbara, resident teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips has begun offering Daily Dharma sessions from 2-2:30 pm Mondays through Fridays. Join Dawa, other practitioners and dharma students for the 30-minute live practice session that include meditating, building connections, sharing reflections, Q&A with Dawa, and nurturing the community’s practice together during COVID-19. Phillips also continues to teach most Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm, while the regular Tuesday sangha-led meditation sessions now have grown to include Wednesdays, also from 6-7 pm.

Dawa’s annual Spring Retreat, “Finding Inner Peace, Genuine Happiness and & Lasting Freedom,” also takes place this week, from Monday-Friday, April 27-May 1, with an online format. Participants will have the opportunity to experience inner peace and develop genuine happiness and lasting inner freedom via developing a practice of mindfulness and meditation, reflection, insight, noble silence and contemplation during the five-day meditation retreat. The event – which can be helpful for coping with the emotions caused by coping with COVID-19 – is suitable for both experienced practitioners and newcomers on all levels. Visit https://lastingfreedom2020.eventbrite.com for information and registration. For all other Bodhi Path events, visit www.bpsbonline.com.


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