Bezos Back on Top

By Richard Mineards   |   April 16, 2020
Rick Caruso on latest Forbes billionaires list

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is once again the world’s richest man, despite his divorce last year which cost him a quarter of his stake in the shopping giant.

Bezos, 56, is worth $113 billion, only a $18 billion drop from his $131 billion in 2019, despite giving $36 billion of stock to ex Mackenzie.

He managed to stay in the top spot despite the coronavirus pandemic cutting the number of people on Forbes’ 34th annual Richest Billionaires List, bringing the total down 56 people from 2019 to only 2,095 in 2020.

Collectively they’re worth $8 trillion, which is down $700 billion from last year’s billionaires.

Microsoft magnate Bill Gates, 64, is at number two with $98 billion, followed by Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, 89, at $67.5 billion and local resident, Oracle tycoon Larry Ellison, 75, at number five with $59 billion.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 35, is number seven with $54.7 billion.

Google honcho Eric Schmidt, 64, who lives on Ellen DeGeneres‘s former estate near Lotusland, is ranked at 84 with $13.2 billion.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, 77, who is a frequent visitor when his NFL team is in summer training in Oxnard, is at 169 with $8 billion, while Stars Wars producer George Lucas, 75, who has a beach house near Oscar winner Kevin Costner on Padaro Lane, is at 375 with $4.6 billion.

Rosewood Miramar owner and Los Angeles real estate developer Rick Caruso, 61, is ranked 565 with $3.4 billion, while Beanie Baby billionaire Ty Warner, 75, owner of the Biltmore and San Ysidro Ranch, is at 804 with $2.6 billion.

Former TV talk show titan Oprah Winfrey, 66, is at 836 with $2.5 billion, the same ranking as Montecito mall magnate Herb Simon, 85.


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