Through Rain, and Wind, and COVID-19

By Leslie Westbrook   |   March 19, 2020

Since Summerland does not have mail delivery to homes, the Summerland Post Office 93067 has been the unofficial heartbeat and spot to bump into your neighbors. Not much bumping allowed anymore, unless it’s your elbow. Here too, where everyone knows one another, neighbors are helping neighbors. Postal clerk Bert Vega knows everyone as well and says she’s happy to do her small part for those who are housebound or in need. In addition to wiping down the counters, front door handles, the credit card machine, and counter often and providing hand sanitizer, Bert says that if someone really needs their mail or a package and can’t get to their P.O. Box (if she knows them as well as the person offering to help them) she will aid in assuring mail reaches the community.

 “We’re just working,” she noted, as she rushed off the phone to help a customer, noting, “People are not getting close to one another. If someone really needs their mail or package, I let neighbors help each other.”


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