Downtime to set up streaming at DiviniTree

By Steven Libowitz   |   March 19, 2020

DiviniTree Yoga went one step further to make “the conscious choice” to temporarily close its physical studio and switch to offering classes online. “This was the most challenging and gut-wrenching decision I’ve ever had to make as a small business owner,” wrote owner Jill Agonias. “I know for a fact that yoga and this supportive community has literally saved people’s lives. This practice saved my life. Maybe it’s even saved yours… On the other hand, this decision has actually become quite obvious (because) there are many, many people in our greater communities about whom we need to be mindful may be more compromised and vulnerable (than we are). It’s for these people that we need to work together to slow the spread. It’s these lives that need to be saved now.”

As at Yoga Soup, DiviniTree is making its classes available to everyone online, although the studio promises that all of them will be streamed live via Zoom, following the same procedures with the MindBody app. The studio plans to host two live classes every day through March 31, one in the morning or at lunch and the other in the evening, each 35-45 minutes long. Everyone will have access to live classes while studio members will enjoy exclusive access to all recorded classes as the library builds. Each class will have a 100-person capacity. Check Unlimited access will cost $68 per month, while single virtual classes are available for $12 each.

DiviniTree will also offer one free Instagram class per week through “Instagram Stories.” Follow Divinitree Santa Barbara on Instagram ( for updates.


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