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By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   February 13, 2020

Also in the news on the rebuilding front: earlier this week the County Board of Supervisors dedicated $10.1 million toward restoring haul routes and roads within the Montecito community and surrounding area that were damaged due to the 1/9 debris flow and emergency response. The funds were recently received as part of the County’s litigation settlement with Southern California Edison and will address 60 proposed road sections that are of highest priority to be restored to pre-debris flow conditions. Top priority roads include North Jameson Lane, Olive Mill Road, Channel Drive, Hot Springs Road, East Mountain Drive, Romero Canyon, San Leandro, and others.

This initial portion of the settlement, totaling $28.1 million, partially reimburses the County for costs incurred resulting from the Thomas Fire and debris flow disaster and recovery efforts. In total, the net financial impact on the County related to the disasters and ensuing storm readiness and response is estimated at approximately $94 million. In addition, the settlement agreement sets aside between $2.8 million and $15.8 million associated with pending damage reimbursement claims and grant requests to FEMA and CalOES totaling $54 million in costs. Depending on the outcome of the claim reimbursement and grant process with FEMA and CalOES, and in addition to whatever funds FEMA and CalOES approve, the County could expect to receive some of this set-aside funding over the next few years related to these infrastructure projects.

The Board also allocated $2 million to the Flood Control District and almost $8 million to the General Fund, which County staff recommended for one-time expenses related to emergency preparedness, response, recovery and public safety needs. The remainder of the funding will be set aside for litigation defense costs against SCE and potential future audits by the federal Office of Inspector General as part of routine practices performed after all FEMA declared disasters.

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