Lion’s Share

By Richard Mineards   |   February 13, 2020
Author Susan Wakeford Angard debuts first book in her trilogy

Former Los Angeles TV commercial producer Susan Wakeford Angard threw a bijou bash at Tecolote, the lively literary lair in the upper village, to celebrate her first book On Wings of a Lion, The Persian Glories Saga, part of a trilogy set in the days of the Shah of Iran’s deposition in 1978.

Susan, an eyewitness to the Islamic Revolution, describes it as a “sweeping historical epic with a twist of romance and the pacing of a thriller.” It took her three and a half years to write.

The principal character is a daredevil film director, who having lost everything meaningful in life, moves to Iran to shoot a Boeing Super Bowl commercial, meeting a world-renowned photographer, torn between his Persian and British heritage.

The couple become embroiled with SAVAK, the Shah’s secret police, which threatens her project, her romance and her life.

The second book in the trilogy The Persian Glories is scheduled for publication in June and, as for the final part, Below the Crescent Moon, Susan, who resides in Encino Hills, says: “Lord knows!”


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