Full Moon Evening Retreat at the Beach

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 6, 2020

On the evening of one of the most important holidays in Theravadan Buddhism – Magha Puja – Santa Barbara Buddhist Meditation Meetup is hosting a mini mindfulness retreat outdoors by the ocean. Under the gorgeous, silvery full moon, participants will practice sitting and walking meditation, talk about the history of Magha Puja, and reflect upon the Buddha’s first teaching, in which he laid out the Four Noble Truths – suffering, its cause, its cessation, and the path to its cessation. Bing a jacket, a blanket, and something to sit on (a yoga mat, towel, cushion, or a beach chair) and meet at 8 pm on Sunday, February 9, at the big tree on the oceanside at the western corner of the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort on Channel Drive in Montecito. Details at www.meetup.com/Santa-Barbara-Buddhist-Meditation.


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