Soup’s on for Weekend of Workshops

By Steven Libowitz   |   January 16, 2020

Yoga, meditation and breath-work practitioner Jenn Parma’s “High Vibration Breathwork” seminar, slated for 7-9:30 pm on Friday, January 17, at Yoga Soup, is an invitation to bathe in the vibrational sounds of various medicine songs, crystal singing bowls and chimes. The class aims to activate your energy body and bring balance to your chakras through breath-work, toning, movement and positive affirmations, resulting in raising your vibration, moving stuck emotions, and disempowering beliefs and old stories to create space for deeper connection to your higher self. Parma’s breathing system is meant to clear the physical body of blocked stuck or lower vibration energy at the cellular level and instead utilize a full, free and flowing breath to embody your highest potential. The workshop costs $35 in advance, $40 day-of… Suzanne Marlow, M.A.,LMFT and Hannah Fries, LA.c, team up at the Soup again to teach “Embracing Your Demons,” 2-4 pm on Saturday, January 18. The workshops integrate the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Chod, through Lama Tsultrim Allione’s method, Feeding Your Demons – perceived as anything that drains your energy and blocks you from being completely alive and awake – and will include meditation, visualization, and creative psychosomatic processing as well as acupuncture ($40)…

Veteran Loving-Kindness meditation teacher Radhule Weininger, MD, Ph.D., is joined by holistic yoga teacher Emily Benaron for “Self-Compassion for Body, Heart & Mind,” taking place Sunday, January 19, rom 1-5 pm. The afternoon of meditation and yoga dedicated to finding the courage, pathways, and clarity needed to embrace this life with love was created with the premise that there is no healing without heartwork as well as intimately tending to our bodies, our hearts and our minds. ($60 in advance; $65 day-of)… “Awaken Your Energy: 3 pathways to Radiant Vitality in Mind, Body & Spirit” finds Britta Gudmunson – Yoga Soup song leader and yoga teacher – wearing her holistic health and lifestyle coach hat to teach a Jedi-approach to mastering and commanding your energy in a masterclass to discover your unique equation to unlocking your full energetic potential – in your body, your emotions, and your entire being. Participants will be exposed to the keys to cultivate awareness, alertness and awakeness in your physical body and crucial practices for creating and maintaining a high vibration in your mood and staying emotionally energized no matter what curveballs life throws your way. The experiential class includes practice pranayama (breathwork), chanting and some light yoga (no mat required). (3-5 pm Sunday, January 19; $15 in advance, $20 day-of.)

Yoga Soup is located at 28 Parker Way off lower State Street. Call (805) 965-8811 or visit


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