Buddhism Beyond Bodhi Path

By Steven Libowitz   |   January 16, 2020

The Santa Barbara Buddhist Meditation Meetup, which frequently holds its events at the American Buddhist Meditation Temple on Orchid Drive near More Mesa, is branching out beyond that site to include more gathering outside and at other locations. The group will gather for a Half Moon Morning Retreat this Friday, January 17, from 8-10 am, at the beautiful and historic Vedanta Temple at 927 Ladera Lane here in Montecito, with activities consisting of brief opening and closing remarks surrounding periods of silent individual sitting and walking meditation practice. The group returns at the same time next Friday, January 24, with a similar small retreat on the auspicious occasion of the new moon. In between, Buddhism in the Park: A Biographical Sketch of Luang Pu Mun celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famed meditation master Luang Pu Mun with a discussion of the Thai Forest Tradition and its founder, followed by a short meditation, from 6-7 pm on Monday, January 20, at Shoreline Park, 1237 Shoreline Drive. The Meet Up also amasses again from 9:30 am to 12 noon on Thursday, January 23, at Goleta Beach Park. 5986 Sandspit Road, for a flattish walk along the bluffs toward the campus, including meandering around the lagoon with a stop for meditation above the ocean. Meetup info at www.meetup.com/Santa-Barbara-Buddhist-Meditation, or call (805) 680-9794.


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