Meetup Minis

By Steven Libowitz   |   January 9, 2020

The SB Psychedelic Integration Circle serves as a place to discuss experiences with entheogens, psychedelics, and plant medicines as well as explore insights and get information to understand how the plants can guide, change, or transform. The circle of support is to integrate via group and individual work to discuss and explore experiences with altered states of consciousness in order to grow and heal. The next meeting, set for 7-9 pm on Monday, January 13, will include a talking circle and possibly other activities such as intention setting, meditation, and music (… DJ Deva Dawn provides the beats and musical waves for this week’s Santa Barbara Ecstatic Dance Co-op event slated for 7 pm on Friday, January 10, at Divinitree Yoga, 25 East De La Guerra Street. Details, connect to the community, get news, give suggestions and see the future schedule on the Co-op’s Facebook page,… Divinitree itself hosts a full weekend of free yoga classes from nearly all of the downtown studio’s teachers and covering most of its regular offerings on January 11-12. Visit… Crown of Eternity’s Mike Tamburo orchestrates his way through 40-plus overtone rich instruments including gongs, bells, hammered dulcimer and tuned metal instruments in a Sound Meditation & Conscious Listening evening at Yoga Soup 7-9 pm on Friday, January 10 aimed to induce both sonic bliss and a deep and lasting vibrational rejuvenation for body and soul.


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