Lunch and Learn

By Lynda Millner   |   December 12, 2019
Linda Tacconelli, Linda Rosso, Taffy Zech, and Victoria Hines – The Worth gang

This time the MClub from Montecito Bank & Trust was having a program at the Santa Barbara Club to teach us how to pack for a week in a carry on. I didn’t believe it, but I went anyway. My makeup, potions, and lotions take up half a carry on to say nothing of my shoes.

Mark Gallo from CircaTerra in Loreto Plaza was there with his suitcase and packing cubes. The bag he had packed was full of Worth clothes. It is a company that sells only by private trunk shows four times a year. They are pricey but of excellent quality and styling that lasts for years. Victoria Hines has handled the line at her home for 23 years.

Director of MClub Maria McCall and Hiroko Benko at the Worth luncheon

Linda Rosso just took over Victoria’s position with Linda Tacconelli as associate consultant. They were there this day along with Taffy Zech who is the regional VP of sales for the western United States. The three of them took out of Mark’s suitcase a whole rack of Worth’s fall wardrobe. Maria McCall, director of MClub, was the model as we oohed and ahhed. One of the pieces Linda Rosso showed was a pink pants suit that she’d had for 15 years. Not bad for longevity. I have a couple that are about ten years old.

If you’re interested in fine styles give Linda Rosso a call at 209.601.8918 or Linda Tacconelli at 805.896.2086 for a private appointment. While at the luncheon I learned that the Santa Barbara Club was just put on the National Register of Historic Places. President of Montecito Bank and Trust George Leis gave the Club $10,000 to archive and investigate their history from the founding.


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