Crosswalk Flashers on Coast Village Road

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   December 12, 2019
The crosswalk on the 1150 block of Coast Village Road will get a safety makeover with flashing lights; work is expected to be completed by next week

Flaggers and construction crews will be on Coast Village Road throughout the rest of the week, installing conduit and electrical lines across the crosswalk on the 1150 block of the street. “We know it is a nuisance to local businesses,” said Coast Village Association board president Bob Ludwick, “But we also know it’s important to increase pedestrian safety on Coast Village.”

The work is being performed in order to add flashing beacons on the crosswalk, which has been a safety concern of many merchants and customers over the years. It is just one of several projects spearheaded by the CVA’s Traffic & Safety Committee, which also had a hand in the installation of the permanent stop signs at Coast Village Circle and CVR, as well as the large planters by Renaud’s and Jeannine’s, designed to deter vehicles from speeding in the parking aisle.

The work is expected to be finished by next week.


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