Men Versus Women

By Bob Hazard   |   September 19, 2019

Ever since Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden for taking a bite out of the “Big Apple,” men and women have been arguing over who is smarter, stronger, and the most trustworthy. So, let’s examine some of those traits.


Men and women seem to be equal in general intelligence (IQ measurement), but that is not the case in terms of emotional intelligence (EQ). Relationship management or EQ requires the use of self-awareness, self-management and keener instincts to better one’s relationships and interact with other people. Women tend to tune in to body language and other unspoken signals; men, not so much.

In addition, relationship management is a skill that women are taught from childhood in ways that men aren’t. For many women, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Dogs are a man’s best friend. Now you can decide who is smarter.


A study at Aston University in England concluded that women are better than men at remembering things two minutes, 15 minutes, and 24 hours after learning them. A Mayo Clinic study said that not only do women naturally have a better sense of memory than men, the gap widens with age. In women, the region of the brain responsible for learning and memory is larger than a man’s.

Thinking Skills

Men are more prone to anger, especially if they let their testosterone do their thinking for them. Women tend to be more emotionally expressive, use more gestures and are more easily brought to tears. What do we know for sure? Women talk more than men, averaging 30,000 words per day, while men speak about 15,000.

Handling Stress

Relaxing re-energizes a man and regenerates his testosterone, according to research offered by Annis & Nesbitt. Women prefer interaction with colleagues after a stressful meeting, or interacting with family, friends, and relatives at the end of a busy day. These activities help women produce oxytocin, which increases relaxation and relieves stress, which in itself produces even more oxytocin, a critical stress-reducing hormone.


The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics published research concluding that female-led companies are more successful than ones led by males. Surprisingly, a Pew Research poll found that the public agrees – women make fairer, more compassionate, and more trustworthy leaders than men do. However, in 2018, women composed 47% of the total U.S. labor force, but only 5% of the Fortune 500 CEOs.


There is evidence that women may be better drivers than men. Apparently, male drivers are 77% more likely to die in car accidents than female drivers. A study of car accidents in New York City found that over a five-year period, a staggering 80% of crashes in which pedestrians were killed or seriously injured involved male drivers. This is why women pay lower car-insurance premiums.

Going Forward

In the U.S. it was not until 1900 that every married woman was granted the right to keep her own wages and hold property in her own name. It took another 20 years – until 1920 – for the 19th Amendment to be ratified, guaranteeing a woman’s right to vote.

Who runs the home? This one is easy. The best answer comes from a man who wandered into a bookstore and asked, “Do you have a book called The Husband: Master of the House?” The speedy reply from the saleslady: “Sir, fiction and comics are in the basement.”

On Partnership

I have been married to the best woman on the planet for the last 40 years. Bottom line: There is no question that I am a far better person because of her. 

Her advice is impeccable. She is never wrong. Her heart is as big for everyone else, as it is for me. She keeps me in shape emotionally and physically, assuming a pear is considered a good shape. She is the editor of my writings, the proofreader of my life, and the lighthouse keeper of my soul. She makes me laugh at myself and show greater sensitivity to others, in order to live up to her expectations. She is a jewel to be shared, a joy to be with, and living proof that “the most important decision you will ever make in your life is the partner you choose.”


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