Home Sweet Home

By Richard Mineards   |   September 19, 2019
"Heart of New House" award honorees Charlie Alva, Penny Jenkins, and Gordon Guy (photo by Priscilla)
Emcee John Palminteri and Paula Lopez Ochoa (photo by Priscilla)

Santa Barbara’s New House, a 64-year-old nonprofit to help men suffering from alcohol and drug dependency, held its fourth annual lunch with a sold-out record 270 guests at the Hilton emceed by KEYT-TV reporter John Palminteri, which raised around $35,000.

The charity’s three residences in our Eden by the Beach provide 98 beds for those needing help, with some 300 men being assisted annually, says Gordon Guy, executive director.

He estimates more than 30,000 people have been aided on the road to recovery with a budget of around $1 million annually, with 103 scholarships awarded last year.

The Heart of New House Awards went to Korean War veteran Charlie Alva, a founding sponsor of the event, and Penny Jenkins, former president and CEO of CADA – the Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse – for 28 years.

Former KEYT-TV anchor Paula Lopez introduced a short video about two men helped from the depths of despair by the charity.

Among the supporters turning out were mayor Cathy Murillo, district attorney Joyce Dudley, John Daly, Gil Rosas, Maria Long, Donna Reeves, Mark and Kerry Whitehurst, and board president Jeff Daugherty.


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