Vitamin Sea

By Richard Mineards   |   September 12, 2019
Santa Barbara Yacht Club Women's Board Linda Stirling, Dee Jones, Carol Kallman, Trish Davis, Lynn Behren, Leslie Power, Lil Nelson, Julie Hinkle, Rochelle Mirabello, and Mary Goodfield (photo by Priscilla)

A tidal wave of generosity swept over the 147-year-old Santa Barbara Yacht Club for the 15th annual Yachts of Love regatta, which was expected to raise more than $120,000 for the 111-year-old Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care from the more than 400 guests.

The nautical jolly, which since its inception has raised more than $1.4 million, was co-chaired by Nick Sebastian and staff commodore Francie Lufkin, who described it as “a great community effort.”

Before the first gun started the 90-minute feature race, harbor boats did a ceremonial “Water Dance” complete with fire hoses, to send the 30-plus racers on their way after David Gonzalez sang the national anthem.

Among those enjoying a perfect day on the Pacific waves were Trish Davis, Mark and Alixe Mattingly, Sigrid Toye, Scott and Leslie Deardorff, Lailan McGrath, Brittany Avila, Samantha Beach, and Bill and Shari Guilfoyle.

Leslie and Commodore Scott Deardorff welcoming participants to the 2019 SBYC Charity Regatta (photo by Priscilla)
Karen Byers, Michael Blackwell, Jack Byers, and Gloria Sakata enjoy the Yachts of Love regatta (photo by Priscilla)
Rick Keith, Rebecca Phillips, and Emcee David Moore at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club (photo by Priscilla)

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