Another Hole-in-One

By James Buckley   |   July 4, 2019
(from left) Carlos Lopez, Dennis Franz, and Steve Brooks celebrate Dennis's hole-in-one at the ninth hole of Alisal River Course

A couple years ago, I was proud to announce that my trusty 10.5-degree lofted driver helped me score my first hole-in-one at the 170-yard 17th hole at Glen Annie into a stiff wind; well, that was then, the glory has faded, and I’m once again just another hack. However, one of my regular golf buddies, Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue fame, finally got his first and only hole-in-one at the ninth hole at Alisal River Course. The upside is that, while I am proud of my feat, I never saw my ball go into the hole and in fact when we reached the green at Glen Annie and didn’t see my ball on the green, figured it must have gone over the back.

Dennis hit a perfect 6-iron into a slight breeze at Alisal and we all not only watched as it sailed beautifully, with just a touch of draw, landed on the green, rolled directly at the hole and sank out of sight at just the right moment. Lucky for us, Mr. Franz won our money game and because of his hole-in-one had to buy lunch and drinks for the entire foursome of Steve Brooks, Carlos Lopez, and yours truly.


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