Compassionate Care of Carpinteria

By Lynda Millner   |   June 27, 2019
Guest speaker for Hospice Shaun Tomson with event chair Marybeth Carty and director of strategic advancement Charles Caldwell and CEO Hospice Santa Barbara David Selberg
Jon Clark, executive director of the Bower Foundation, and Harvey Bottelsen, board member

It was the very first annual luncheon with over one hundred guests for Compassionate Care of Carpinteria (CCC), which is a spin-off of Hospice of Santa Barbara. Their new office is at Carpinteria Children’s Project at Main. Now everything that is offered at Hospice of Santa Barbara (HSB) is offered in Carpinteria as well.

After a reception in the courtyard of the Rincon Beach Club, we went inside for a delicious and healthy luncheon of salmon, greens, and cheeses. I could have taken home baskets of their homemade bread.

Catherine Remak was master of ceremonies. Event chair Mary Beth Carty reminded us, “The theme was The Light Shines Ahead, but you wouldn’t know that from looking outside, gray and gloomy.” She introduced keynote speaker Shaun Tomson, former World Surfing Champion, entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and international speaker. He spoke about how he and his wife had to find the light in the darkness. Their young son died and they were devastated.

Mom Sally Green with daughter Beth and Carter Cox at the CCC luncheon

Shaun told of their moving here from South Africa because as a surfer he adored the Rincon. He said, “When I began surfing as a kid, I came in third in my first competition. There were only three contestants.” Obviously, he improved. He and his wife, Carla, started a successful business and were living the high life until tragedy struck. In trying to find something uplifting he came up with “The Code.” A simple list of 12 things to do to empower himself and others. He passed out small cards with the words on them. When he spoke at schools, he asked the kids to make their own lists. It became like tossing a pebble in water and creating a wave.

District Attorney Joyce Dudley reminded us, “All services are freely given and confidential, but must be supported. CCC is for children, too.” She spoke of her awful time when her husband was dying and the help they got from Hospice. Many people donated, most notably the Van Wingerden brothers with $5,000.

The mission of CCC is to care for anyone experiencing the impact of a life-threatening illness or grieving the death of a loved one. Their vision is healing the loneliness of grief and the fear of death. For more information including volunteer opportunities call 805.679.6090.


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