Psychedelics & Entheogens Workshop

By Steven Libowitz   |   May 30, 2019

EntheoMedicine Santa Barbara has been presenting seminars to satisfy the resurgence of interest in psychedelics spurred by the growing clinical research on their healing qualities for the body, mind, and soul. But all the previous events have been theoretical discussions, with very little in the world of practicality. Psychedelics & Entheogens – Preparation, Integration and Transformation, which takes place this weekend, obviously doesn’t go so far as to advocate the taking of illegal substances, but the four-hour workshop aims to help those who want to explore psychedelics learn how to use them safely and to receive the benefits. 

To that end, Zach Leary, son of LSD pioneer Timothy Leary, will share his knowledge and experience about each of the major entheogens, including what users can expect to experience, appropriate preparation and safety precautions. He’ll be followed by Tricia Eastman, a vastly experienced professional psychedelic facilitator and integration coach who combines ancestral and tribal customs with modern protocols in her work to heal the ailments of “Western mind.”

Eastman talked about her work, and the workshop, over the phone recently.

Q. Can you talk about approaching psychedelic journeys as healing and the importance of integration?

A. The reasons these meds are such potent tools is that they give us access to a part of ourselves, our egoic framework. What they do is take that part of our operating system, our OS, offline and bring us into the subconscious, which has been programmed since conception. That OS eats up our bandwidth and causes us to loop. The reason to do psychedelics is to get in there, and clean out and reorient the program… But that’s also why it’s important to have higher intentions for the work, going into the journey. And that can’t just be something like “healing,” which isn’t an end result. It’s better to have a framework, a desire to step into the highest version of yourself as a result of this work, not a construct based on beliefs that form from outside. But it’s not an attachment to specific result, but creating a pathway that directs us toward our heart and soul. The medicine gets the blocks and limitations out of the way, and teaches us about the complexity of our individual paths so we can have a clear road for our intentions. Ultimately journeys are a therapeutic tool. 

You only have a couple of hours at the event. What are people going to get out of the workshop that’s of tangible help?

Ultimately, we’ll break down the various important aspects, from the modalities, an understanding of trauma work, and being able to use these tools in a safe, smart, and informed way that will allow you to maximize the benefits. That goes for anyone from beginners to those who are highly experienced, as well as those who are supporting others in this work, like psychologists, yoga teachers, friends. And with more and more people having PTSD – firefighters, police, veterans, teachers – there are massive numbers that just keep growing. 

You have led more than 1,000 journeys. What have you learned along the way?

There’s a deepening. Each time I do this work with others, it’s like those Russian nesting dolls, where there’s a deeper understanding of the universal wisdom, a transmission that the medicines bring us, the sacred tools. So I always get to be with the awe and the mystery of the universe. 

Your bio says you have worked one-on-one with Hollywood stars and other famous folks who are interested in using Entheogens for profound personal development. I’m sure you’re not going to name any names, but what can you tell me about working in that arena?

A lot of these celebrities are having profound experiences where they’re seeing the power that they have to make a difference in the world and getting clear about a bigger mission than the Hollywood game, something more in service to the planet. It’s been exciting to watch major CEOs and other influential business people who make decisions that impact a lot of people coming up with new solutions in their lives that could really make a difference. 

What’s the most important spiritual aspect in using psychedelic journeys for self-growth, whether it be about facing end of life or wanting a deeper connection to the universal energy?

The way that you come into this path can be different. In Shamanic culture it’s initiation. Most involve lots of prep work, like fasting, sweat lodges, things that test your mental strengths. Being in a state of deep silence where you’re forced to really be with yourself and face what’s happening inside… But the important thing is wanting to know how to do you, how do live your own life, and understanding how to connect to your soul. Some traditions use the word heart, or the inner healer. One of the most profound initiations I went through was largely a reminder of how important it is to be connected to our soul within ourselves. That’s ultimately what this work is about. If your soul isn’t driving, you’re in trouble. The psychedelics help us to reorient so that we can know our souls and get them back in driver seat. 

(Psychedelics & Entheogens – Preparation, Integration and Transformation takes place 8:30 am to 12:45 pm on Saturday, June 1, at Unity of Santa Barbara. Tickets cost $78-$157. Visit


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