Leading Women Inspire Future Leaders

By Scott Craig   |   April 18, 2019
Mary Pat Whitney, Andria Kahmann, Teri Bradford Rouse, Penny Jenkins, Megan Alexander, Annette Richards, Anna Grotenhuis, and Kirsten Moore at the Biltmore

Westmont alumna Megan Alexander ’02, a correspondent with Inside Edition, presented “A Seat at the Table: Why Women Must Pursue Careers of Influence” at the fourth annual Westmont’s Women’s Leadership Luncheon at the Four Seasons Biltmore. Spearheaded by Kirsten Moore, the women’s head basketball coach and director of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at Westmont, the event seeks to encourage and inspire young women and recruit business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders as mentors for Westmont students.

Alexander addressed key principles she’s learned from working in the media: Know who you are before the crisis moments hit so you hold true to your faith and values; do excellent work and earn a seat at the table; and find and create community. She says that when people of faith speak out in society, especially in technology and the media, they’ll make a greater impact. Following the luncheon, Alexander signed copies of her latest book, Faith in the Spotlight: Thriving in Your Career While Staying True to Your Beliefs.

Penny Jenkins, Anna Grotenhuis, and Andria Kahmann co-chair the Women’s Leadership Council and helped bring new women to the event.

Attendees included Congresswoman Lois Capps, Anne Smith Towbes, Bob and Patty Bryant, former Westmont president Stan Gaede and his wife Judy, Gerd Jordano, Mary Beth Vogelzang, Kathy Clenet, Renee Curtis, Lynne Tahmisian, Barbara Biehl, and Roxanne Packham. The luncheon capped off March’s National Women’s History Month.

Allison Tamte, Andrea Garcia, Anne Smith Towbes, and Aeva Schrambach at the Women’s Leadership Luncheon
Gerd Jordano, student Iyree Jarrett, Barbara Biehl, and Irene Neller
Former Westmont president Stan and wife Judy Gaede
Megan Alexander signed copies of her book after lunch

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