Angels Al Fresco

By Richard Mineards   |   April 18, 2019
Angels Care Foster founder Meichelle Arntz, Brianna Aguilar, Erin Graffy, Taylor Fraker, Shannon Neels, and Megan Orloff (photo by Priscilla)
Angels Foster Care co-chairs Kate Barbieri and Lori Bauer with co-emcee Catherine Remak (photo by Priscilla)
Monica Babich, Sarah Johnson, Cynthia Frohling, Shannon Neels, Heather Westbrook, and Aiden Westbrook in front (photo by Priscilla)

A mélange of magnificent millinery swept over the impeccably manicured lawn of the Biltmore when Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara held its 8th annual lemon and blue-themed Al Fresco Afternoon on the Riviera.

The 13-year-old charity, which has placed 252 babies and had 119 adoptions, had a record 250 guests helping raise around $100,000 for the cause.

The Land Rover of Santa Barbara-sponsored event co-chairs were Lori Baur and Katie Wisner Barbieri, while radio host Catherine Remak and News-Press scribe Erin Graffy emceed.

The Lionheart Legacy Remembrance Award went to Eric and Sara Fernandez, the first of a new initiative dedicated to providing extra resources for the charity’s babies and toddlers with significant medical or developmental challenges.

Among the amazons supporting the fab fête were Megan Orloff, Monica Babich, Karen Earp, Holly Murphy, Hollye Jacobs, Gwen Stauffer, Nicole Iyer, Diana MacFarlane, Roxie Solakian, and founder Michelle Arntz.

Annie Williams, Brittney Crooks, Eric and Sara Fernandez, Holly Murphy, and Cynthia Frohling (photo by Priscilla)
Jeanne Fulkerson, Danielle McCaffery, Melanie Goddett, Arlene Geeb, Holly Carmody, Lena Beltran, and Megan Stall at the Angels Foster Care event (photo by Priscilla)
Ada Schultz, Tony Clumeck, and the Westbrooks – Aiden, Scott, and Heather (photo by Priscilla)

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