More on the Nets

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   March 21, 2019
The founders of the Partnership for Resilient Communities hosted a gathering on Monday to thank the donors who have stepped up to pay for six steel ring nets that are set to be installed in the coming weeks

At a gathering at the upper village green on Monday, March 18, the founders of the Partnership For Resilient Communities welcomed dozens of members of the community who have given funds towards the installation of Swiss-made steel ring nets slated to be installed in the coming weeks. 

Six of the nets will be installed in the canyons above Cold Springs, Buena Vista, and San Ysidro creeks; supplies to build the nets will be brought in by helicopter. The nets, of which there was a sample for donors to see up close, will be anchored into the sides of the canyon and will sit three to five feet above the canyon; they allow fine soil, sediments, ash, mud, and water to keep moving, while capturing large wood material and boulders. They also allow for the movement of fish and wildlife. 

Biologists, geologists, and engineers are currently at the installation sites surveying the topography and planning the installations, according to Partnership executive director Pat McElroy, who spoke at the event. It’s expected the nets will be installed by May 15, and the trails located in the areas will remain open. “It’s an unprecedented collaborative effort,” McElroy said about the project, which was permitted in December via emergency permits from the County of Santa Barbara, the Army Corps of Engineers, the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, the California Water Quality Control Board, and authorization from private landowners.

The Partnership is still seeking $1M to finish this first phase of construction. $4.3M has already been raised by over 300 donors. For more information, visit


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