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By Jon Vreeland   |   February 7, 2019

We’ve all said it, as athletes, as armchair cheerleaders and quarterbacks. That this is the year of my physical and salutary glory. I’m going to work out. I’m going to eat right, mold my body like a statue, make the stars on film look like hogs. I’ll get back into shape, and with sheer motivation. I’ll start in January. Hello New Year, goodbye Ben & Jerry’s, adios DiGiorno, sayonara Ruffles with Ridges. And for once I’ll be ready for the Summer, no conscious concern whatsoever. 

Well… we do battle a slight discrepancy: the lack of knowledge to physically train and nourish our own bodies – the lack of experience that may contaminate the impulse to conquer the (quite conventional) endeavor of our personal health, strength, and capability.

Kevin Gregory encourages a Vaquero football player at SBCC’s La Playa Stadium as the team prepares for the next game

But with veteran physical trainers such as Kevin Gregory – owner of Gregory Athletic Performance (GAP) of Santa Barbara: a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) – our dreams of physical and nutritional health will not float through our mindless reveries of self-improvement and healthy living.

Kevin works as a physical trainer and is a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with Distinction (RSCC*D). Kevin implements experienced guidance with variegated clients: beginner youth athletes (or destined to be) to athletes of top professional levels. GAP’s method strives to develop the clients’ personal strength and speed, but with careful anticipation of plausible injury amidst the intent of physical fulfillment. 

Kevin began his career in 2002 when he cultivated Gregory Athletic Performance. By 2003, he earned a position on Santa Barbara High School’s varsity football team as the Speed-Strength and Performance Coach. Kevin worked with each individual player during the season as well as the offseason.

Although football is Kevin’s passion, football players are not the only athletes Kevin assists in his broad world of training. He worked as a strength and conditioning coach for MVP baseball out of Oxnard from 2005 to 2007. He assisted Dr. Phil Wagner of UCLA in 2006 when the Bruins won the NCAA volleyball championship. A year later, Kevin interned for the Bruin’s football team, as well as the women’s volleyball and soccer teams, and men and women’s basketball as well. 

By 2016, the strength and speed guru landed a position with the SBCC football team. Kevin, of course, is the Speed-Strength & Performance Coach and treats every last player – from the star players to the redshirt freshmen – as athletic equals. And in 2017, Gregory Strength earned the role as “official supporter of the Santa Barbara Youth Football League.” 

And every successful man and woman lives by a critical method – most often embodied by advancements and achievements, or even periods of plateau and dissipation. The Gregory Strength Methodology finds success with UCLA legend John Wooden’s philosophy: Pyramid of Success: Championship Philosophies and Techniques on Winning. The pyramid contains: 

1) The Evaluation of the Athlete: the observation of the performers’ dexterity

2) Work Capacity: to strengthen the stamina of the athlete

3) Strength: based cautiously on the athlete’s personal bodyweight

4) Explosive Strength: to elevate the productivity of one’s strength

5) Elastic/Reactive Strength: to implement strength with swift agility

6) SPEED, printed in all caps because Kevin explains: “All athletes want to be fast. Speed is the name of the game.”

Gregory Athletic Performance says their well-studied process grants the consciousness to depict individual vitalities for self-achieving and steady performances. “GAP’s passion for nurturing an athlete’s journey to connecting to personal well-being and successful achievements is our highest commitment.”

Remember, Kevin and Gregory Athletic Performance work with anybody who endeavors improvement upon their health and physical wellness. Any person at any physical level, Gregory Athletic Performance is available to and will strive to help the client become the hardened-healthy man, woman, or child they truly destined to be.

For more information call Kevin Gregory’s number at 805.886.8190, or email him at


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