We Can Do It

By Lynda Millner   |   January 17, 2019
Santa Barbara Rescue Mission board chair Joyce McCullough, president Rolf Geyling, and former board member Phyllis Marble

And, we did it! CEO Rolf Geyling and Rebecca Weber were at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission hosting a walkthrough of the newly finished women’s part of the $11 million renovation of the whole facility. It’s incredible. Last time I was there, the walls were gone and only studs left. The chapel, a new bathroom, and dorm for 32 guests are complete.

As Rolf told us, “We have been here 33 years with 200 houseguests a night for 32 years. You’d need a remodeling, too.” That would be 42,000 square feet. They needed not only reconfiguring but new plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. The job should be finished in the spring.

One of their clients spoke to us about her tragic life and how she came to the Rescue Mission. She witnessed her stepfather murder her mother. She had been to many psychiatrists; she had been on drugs and alcohol and had two children. She has now been sober for six months and has found a new life with the help of the Rescue Mission.

The Rescue Mission is nearly three times over the national rate of success with their treatment program. Untreated people cost the government over $100,000 a year in medical, jail time, etc. The civilian programs are also very expensive, like $19,000 per month. The Rescue Mission is 12 months for $25,000. Your help is always needed. Call 805.966.1316 ext. 105 or rweber@sbrm.org.


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