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By Richard Mineards   |   December 20, 2018
Bror Saxberg, Margie Yahyavi, Brad Whittell, and Leanna Merritt at SB Beautiful’s Christmas party (photo by Priscilla)

Santa Barbara Beautiful’s annual Christmas party was for the birds!

The boffo bash for 110 guests took place in the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum’s aviary hall and was certainly a glittering occasion, given sparkle was the theme of the fun fête.

Jacqueline Dyson, outgoing president of the organization, passed the torch to Penny Haberman, while guests, including Ron and Roz Amortegu-Fenson, Mark Whitehurst and Kerry Methner, museum director Luke Swetland and wife Stacey, Bob and Alex Cunningham, Susan Keller, Thad and Laurie Macmillan, John Palminteri, and Kevin and Sheila Snow, quaffed the wine and noshed on the eclectic comestibles from caterer Pete Clements.

Accepting the Recognition Award for Santa Barbara Beautiful is Jacqueline Dyson, with Ginny Brush and Leon Olson (photo by Priscilla)
Kate Kurlas, Jacqueline Dyson, Penny Haberman, and David Jacoby at the SB Natural History Museum (photo by Priscilla)
John Palminteri giving birthday wishes to Dana Morrow, along with Luke Swetland (photo by Priscilla)
At the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History are Tom Jacobs, Cass Ensberg, Luke and Stacey Swetland, Steve Windhager, and Pamme Mickelson (photo by Priscilla)

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